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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



Posted by Yatta
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Here´s What´s Going On

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Fri May 08 2009, 04:28pm

One of our admins here, Lead, wrote this up:

If all the bits and pieces mentioned in various places (true or not) were put together it would go something like this:

  1. George and Scott own equal parts of 3D Realms.
  2. DNF taking forever to make costs tons of money.
  3. Scott who is arguably the smarter businessman gets tired of this over time and doesn't want to dump his money into it anymore.
  4. Scott looks to other things like Radar Group and newly launched Apogee Software LLC and leaves 3D Realms in Georges hands.
  5. Scott is still technically a manager at 3D Realms but is effectively done with 3D Realms at that point.
  6. Scott is now free to run companies as he sees fit without dealing with a 50% partner.
  7. A year or so later George wasn't able to handle it, especially with lack of Scott's personal and financial cooperation.
  8. Eventually funds begin to run low.
  9. Since Scott is out, and so is money, George drives out to California to show Take 2 the game in an attempt to wow them into funding development to finish DNF.
  10. Vague references were made to Take 2 possibly having (verbally) promising money, but didn't deliver.
  11. When George requested the $5 million from Take 2 so DNF development could be funded.
  12. Take 2 counter-offered with giving 3D Realms $30 million instead.... *IF*3D Realms sells all rights to the Duke IP. (currently Take2's only has publishing rights)
  13. George\They refuse this and keep the Duke IP, instead shutting down the company and going on life support.
  14. The purpose of not selling the IP is because the Duke IP still has the potential to make money, and it is their trademark. It would be like iD selling the Doom IP.
  15. George is said to have previously went to iD Software and Epic in an attempt to make a deal with funding for them, but is turned down.
  16. ..was also said to still have plans to contact other companies to make similar requests.
  17. A company in a better position to spend $5 million, such as EA or Microsoft are seen as the most likely candidates for possibly investing in saving DNF.


Iamthelaw! | 10 May : 01:47 Here's What's Going On
Listen Duke Fans, we cannot take this lying down!

5 million is NOTHING. Duke's fan base is probably almost three times that many people!

I propose we create a Duke Nukem Moneybomb that is designed to raise the necessary 5 million to keep production going. I've invested 12 precious years of my life in believing that I would eventually see this game finished, what's a few hundred bucks advance to 3DR? Naturally I'm hoping that there will be some informal promise of a discount on the finished product, but I personally won't require one. I just want to see this game published! Now! (When it's ready, whatever, but it MUST be made and released someday.)

We can have Duke Nukem Meetups, Duke Nukem Support Groups ("I confess I've been playing Battlefield again. I know it's just not right. I'm missing Duke. Anyone want to LAN?") and Duke Nukem Flashmobs. If we get enough people we can scare up some publicity for the game. Meanwhile we can take donations for its development. Confronted with a crazed Duke Nukem Forever Expectee, members of the general public will gladly hand over their hard-earned dollars to contribute to its development is my theory -- we need a newsletter and a donor list.

Meanwhile, perhaps we in the Duke community can scratch our heads a bit and look outside the 3DR community for someone in the industry who might be able to take over some of management of the development to help George out a bit. There's got to be somebody with the right mind and mentality to see this thing through. It's so close I can taste it. Anyone that GB can work with would have to have the same enthusiasm for the game (impossible? maybe. But not Forever) and substantial computer software development and mangagment experience.

Just thoughts for the moment, but we need to act. This cannot be shelved, stored, shunted away from public view. This is a game in a stage of development close enough that were it a movie, it could well escape the cutting room floor and be released on torrent networks. We love Duke too much to let his franchise suffer that fate, but obscurity without a conclusion is uhm, completely unacceptable and may cause some of us to resort to acts of terrorism on targets of opportunity out of frustration. I'm kidding but not joking there. This is not "a game."

When Coke changed to The New Coke, people behaved Like a Relative Died, said psychcologists hired by Coke to assess the data on responses. Well... Duke can't die. We... won't let him die. So there!

SELL STOCK, give us the opportunity to buy the game, or any piece of it, to keep it going. Under no circumstances is 3DR to simply go off into the night, and try to take the franchise with it!!!!

[ edited 10 May : 01:59 ]

Disillusioned_Duke_F | 10 May : 07:17 Re: Here's What's Going On
Yeah, sure. It's sooo close. Like back in mid '98, when the first vids came out and we were almost there.

Broussard is finished! He has been playing that game for 12 years and now he has lost all credibility in the industry. Nobody is gonna give this man money ever again.

If the game just needed some polishing and could be prepped for the holiday season (this year!) it would be done. But isn't. And no-one in their right mind believe Broussard is the man to get it there.

The only option would be some sort of IP deal with Take 2 to at least save the franchise. But Broussard is an egomaniac. Think Steve Jobs, just less successful. He'd rather kill the Duke than give away control. If he can't have him, no-one will.

Time is our only hope. As I said, I recon the man is finished. If Daikatana could kill the career of the demi-god John Romero, the epic failure of DNF should do the same for Broussard. And who knows, maybe he needs the money in a couple of years.

But time is also running out. There's already a whole generation of gamers that never knew Duke. Give it a couple of years and none of the original Duke3D-fans will be around gaming.

Stewox | 26 May : 04:44 Here´s What´s Going On
Comment for historical purpose ( i know this is old)

- When broussard approached IDSOFTWARE to do a deal for DNF, he was turned down because ID software was very busy and didn't had any open "space" or in a position to assist ... it's what Carmack explained so it wasn't an argued turndown but an unfortunate one.

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