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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



Posted by Yatta
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Wow... A New News Item!

Category: Site News
by Yatta, on Sun Nov 01 2009, 08:16pm

I know guys--it's a miracle, but we have news!  And yes, we do love to poke fun at ourselves.  Anyway, our very own community member Jobi-Wan Kenobi found an item of interest on Scott Miller's Facebook.  For those who don't know, Scott is a co-owner of 3D Realms.  Anyhow, his Facebook reads:

Something big and unexpected will soon be announced.

Hopefully it's Duke related, or some good news in general.  However, our forum members are speculating that it may actually be an announcement pertaining to his coming out of the closet, or better yet, a marriage proposal.  Some also say that he may be getting ready to boast about a giant bonus he received from the federal bailout money 3D Realms received earlier this year.

Nov 2 Update: Scott has confirmed that the announcement is in fact Duke related!

Oh yeah--KareBear also found a comment by monumental tool George Broussard on Shacknews in response to a fan's wish regarding a new Duke Nukem game that goes back to Duke's roots--maybe something along the lines of Manhattan Project.  Broussard responded, "You may get your wishes."

In other news, we've recently removed our GoG flash banner advertisement for Duke Nukem 3D from our flash menu.  We've added a small banner to the top left of the website instead; you'll be able to collapse and uncollapse it depending on how useful or annoying you find it to be, but we hope it'll generate some additional revenue for the maintenance of our website.


L2theKING | 02 Nov : 04:47 Wow... A New News Item!
Maybe they will announce something like Shadow Warrior 2!
Maybee Apogee bought the rights on Blood from Infogrames (Atari) and will announce Blood 3! Witch could be VERRY nice too!
I really don't think It's gonna be Duke related though!

[ edited 02 Nov : 04:52 ]

Micki! | 02 Nov : 10:02 Wow... A New News Item!
Very cool ..!
This better be about DNF, i wanna see more news for that, and moreso, play it..!

kn03i | 02 Nov : 12:50 Wow... A New News Item!
Pretty please!

zwieback | 02 Nov : 14:35 Re: Wow... A New News Item!
i think it's duke begins - would fit perfectly. also 3drealms need the money to get duke nukem forever done in time
looking forward to see 3drealms rising again.

L2theKING | 02 Nov : 15:31 Re: Wow... A New News Item!
I hope you're right man!.... I hope you're right...

Micki! | 03 Nov : 05:31 Wow... A New News Item!
If Duke Begins is the case, i hope Gearbox still are the ones assigned for the project... Seeing how Borderlands turned out, i have complete faith in their team to make a solid shooter... \o/

zwieback | 22 Nov : 12:15 Wow... A New News Item!
i think those two statements don't have anyting todo with eachother. george is talking about the 360 arcarde port - and scott is talking about duke begins.

it would make perfect sense, since scott wasn't really working at 3dr anymore and overseeing other projects.

george on the other hand has a canceled DNF and is monetizing all the stuff he can at the moment until they can reopen their studio or whatever they want todo with the money.

Thosa | 12 Nov : 22:55 Wow... A New News Item!

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