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Duke3D HRP v4 Released!

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Wed Mar 25 2009, 03:03pm

That's right folks--the new high resolution pack is out.  Grab it while it's hot!  Compared to previous HRPs, the changes are not that easy to spot, although the amount of changes is still quite remarkable. You can now enjoy the shareware episode with full highres contents (at least regarding singleplayer), check out the new menu fonts and loading screen and search for all the improved babe models we included. More than 300 textures and almost 50 props models have been added or revised.  Here're some screenshots from the promopack--courtesy of NightFright & Parkar--which highlights some of the new content:

Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge
Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge

The changelog will blow your mind, but here's the gist of it:
+ all new high quality music!
+ finished Ep.1 HRP contents
+ all-new fonts and statusbar, improving overall look of the game
+ Ep.1-4 babes *ALL* modelled (except for Ep.4 robot babes) and existing ones redone
+ migration of large parts from former SD_Duke mod, i.e. frozen models, scrap parts and the like
+ more than 300 new or revised textures (plus dozens of new/revised skins), e.g. new lava/slime surfaces
+ almost 50 new props models (plus many revised ones)
Also in case you missed it, you can check out an older news item for a video preview with more titty action.  Click below for more screenshots:

[ Read the rest... ]

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Are you the next Duke?

Category: Duke Nukem
by Micki!, on Wed Mar 25 2009, 01:55pm

Do you have the badass looks, the right attitude, and own a pair of Size 13 boots?stevenukem.jpg

If so, you might just qualify to be the next Live-Action Duke Nukem!
Apogee Software and Deep Silver are searching for willing fans from around Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles to apply for the auditions that start on April 6.

We want you to come out and audition to be the next Duke Nukem. The winner will get to travel around the world representing Deep Silver as the new official Duke Nukem and get paid to do it. They will be the new face of the franchise and get to interact with the world like no other iconic video game character ever has.

Read more about the whole thing on thier official website at

Good luck to all you beefy bodybuildiers with flat tops out there!

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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass - Screenshots

Category: Console Duke
by Yatta, on Sat Mar 21 2009, 03:16pm

Good news for the console Dukers--fellow fan DkNkm forwarded us the news that the new Apogee Software has released new screenshots for "Duke Nukem: Critical Mass."  This third party game is part of the company's planned trilogy for the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS.  The April 2009 Edition of Game Informer has more information on the game.  In the meantime, check out these screenshots found on

Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge Thumbnail - Click to enlarge

For those that don't remember, announced this last year.  So check that news item for a refresher.

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Apogee Included in PC Gamer's 49 Greatest Devs

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Tue Mar 03 2009, 03:31pm

No one gives a flying fuck about PC Gamer these days, especially when it hurts its own credibility when it falsely makes claims of having highly anticipated game previews every month in order to sell copies,  but news is news.  In its April 2009 issue, the magazine praises 3D Realms (AKA Apogee from 1987-1996) for starting up the shareware business:

Apogee: Episode 1: Birth of a Sales Technique

How long should a demo be? A level? Two levels? Apogee had different ideas. Starting with the concept of "shareware" (try before you buy), they pioneered the idea that a game could be successful by giving out anything up to a third of the full game for free, and encouraging gamers to pass on the disks. This was how Doom was first sold, not to mention Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, and Traffic Department 2192, which we all remember fondly. Right? Unlike demos, these offered a full game experience from start to finish, and became the standard way for indie developers to get started. Sometimes it backfired when the demo experience was too satisfying to need the rest of the game. Descent suffered heavily from this, and the model was largely phased out when demos could be easily downloaded from the Internet.

Speaking of Apogee sharewares, get them here after you've downloaded DOSBox.

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Vote for Duke3D on XBLA, Cool Duke Art

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Thu Feb 26 2009, 04:25pm

According to 3D Realms, Duke Nukem 3D has been nominated for an award in the "Best Innovation in XBLA" category of the second annual Xbox LIVE Arcade awards due to its dynamic replay feature.  More information on how to vote for the nominees on March 3 is available here.

Second order of business--our good friend Clint forwarded us Tom Rhodes' cool Duke drawings, one of which portrays Duke within contemporary culture:

thumb_tomrhodes1.jpg thumb_tomrhodes1.jpg

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Good Old Apogee!

Category: 3D Realms
by yossa, on Thu Feb 26 2009, 05:32am

Good Old Games gives you some old Apogee/3D Realms classics DRM free and compatible with Windows XP/Vista! Head here to look at the current/upcoming catalogue.

Or maybe you are interested in the Apogee lottery anonunced with this release? Winner gets all the games for free.

So jump in, after all Duke Nukem 3D goes for only $5.99!

Other, soon to be released, games are:

More to come? Who knows...

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OttoMoto´s Godly Fan Art

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Fri Feb 13 2009, 10:30pm

Update: Otto made a colored version as promised.

As you guys know, we put up our fan art 2009 page recently.  There's been new art made since that time, and while we're archiving it until we have enough to put up on a new page, I couldn't help but feel the need to make an exception for OttoMoto's piece.  It's fucking hliarious and it's done in such great taste.  Check it out:



We might update this news item, as Otto recently stated that he might improve the drawing with "beefy colors."  Also, we are planning another Fan Art 2009 page given it's a busier year than others.

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Impact and Hit Effects

Category: DNF
by Kristian Joensen, on Fri Feb 13 2009, 10:11am

George Broussard has a new quote up on his Twitter:

Working on hud impact and hit effects today. Been in a while but need polish and attention. These things really contribute to the "feel".


Seems like their current focus is pretty centered on the intereface and menus.


George has since answered a question about the above Twitter update.


@georgeb3dr I'm a UI guy in the industry and I'm curious, are you guys using some kind of middleware like Scaleform or something custom?


@shawnomatic77 Just basic custom stuff. Being a shooter you don't tend to need EA sports/racing style interfaces.

Update 2:

Yet another update:

Putting in some new main menu sound effects. Beefy sounding.

Thanks to Adam Cracow of the 3D Realms forums for the heads up.

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DNF Task Database

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Wed Feb 11 2009, 03:46pm

Here's how I interpreted the image below:

- Melee attacks may be possible
- The AI may be able to throw pipebombs
- You can use a quick-key to throw grenades and pipebombs
- For the record, Asstrooper = Assault Trooper
- The HUD may fade out when it's not needed
- Allammo is a cheat code that gives you all inventory items
- Steroids and Holoduke are in the game
- Besides classic saving, the game may work with automatic checkpoints
- The health system may work like the ego system seen in DN: Manhattan Project
- Freeze balls (from the freezer gun?) may be able to bounce off of Octabrains' brainblast projectiles
- Octabrain blasts may detonate pipebombs, but this may be changed.
- There are various vehicles in the game.
- There may be at least 16 levels OR maps in the game

From George's Twitter:

thumb_dnftasks_enhanced.gif dnftasks_thumb.jpg

It confirms quite a few things that may be in the game.  Interesting!  Thanks to AJack for for providing the clearer image using his artistic skills.

UPDATE: The software 3D Realms uses for their bug tracking needs is JIRA. (added by yossa)

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Core Systems Being Finalized for DNF

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Mon Feb 09 2009, 02:52pm

It's George's time of the month again!

Looking at item interface on screen again. We're trying to finalize some core systems and polish them up.

Come on George, enough teasing, more pleasing!

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