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How you feel about the "Bombshell" game announcement?




Posted by Yatta
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Art!

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Wed Dec 23 2009, 01:52pm

The images below below were done for Duke Nukem: Critical Mass and published by Apogee Software's associate, FRONTLINE Studios.  We went over Critical Mass here and also here when we talked about the new Apogee.

Thanks K100!


Wired´s Rise and Fall of DNF and 3D Realms

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Tue Dec 22 2009, 01:23pm

thumb_fail_duke_nukem_f.jpgThree months ago, I was contacted by Wired magazine to do an interview for a feature article on the rise and fall of Duke Nukem Forever.  Little did I know about how awesome Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem would turn out, or how informative it would be--there are details about the game in the article that I never knew about, including the possiblity that DNF had five hours of gameplay even back in 2007:

Ironically, the end was within reach, even if Broussard couldn’t see it. Raphael van Lierop, who was hired in 2007 as a creative director, was given several pieces of the game to play. It took him about five hours. Broussard was stunned; he’d thought those levels would take half that time to get through. “You could see the gears turning, with him thinking, ‘Oh wow — maybe we’ve got more game than we think,’” says van Lierop. Broussard had been staring at the game for so long, he’d lost perspective.

The article talks about how George Broussard and Scott Miller kick-started their career and how 3D Realms rose to power with Duke Nukem 3D, but hit the ground hard after constantly delaying DNF and in turn being sued by their publisher.  The amount of money involved (millions!) and the figures pertaining to 3DR/DNF as mentioned in the article are pretty mesmerizing.  There are various anonymous quotes from former employees in there as well, describing some of the internal problems arising from bad management:

But because the technology kept getting better, Broussard was on a treadmill. He’d see a new game with a flashy graphics technique and demand the effect be incorporated into Duke Nukem Forever. “One day George started pushing for snow levels,” recalls a developer who worked on Duke Nukem Forever for several years starting in 2000. Why? “He had seen The Thing” — a new game based on the horror movie of the same name, set in the snowbound Antarctic — “and he wanted it.” The staff developed a running joke: If a new title comes out, don’t let George see it.

The arranagement of events regarding the development of Duke Nukem Forever, in addition to the supporting quotes, are quite fantastic.  Much of the drama dancing around the game's development is covered, and it would be a shame for any fan not to give this article a quick look, if not a nice thorough read.

Many thanks to Rafael and Clint for bringing the release of this article to our attention!


Holiday Duke Photo

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Sat Dec 12 2009, 12:25pm

Wishing us an early Christmas, Duke posted this image on his Facebook to pimp the upcoming Critical Mass game.



Mysterious ´D-Day Preview´ Photo

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Sun Nov 29 2009, 01:44pm

thumb_dday.jpgWe've been hesitant to post this image that appeared on a Duke Nukem Facebook fan page, which may or may not be endorsed by Scott Miller of 3D Realms.  It's not known whether this is an actual Duke Nukem Forever screenshot, a photoshop job, or a screenshot of a new game that uses assets from DNF.

The setting of the picture is similar to the stadium from the leaked DNF demo reel and screenshots, but it has been posted under "D-Day Pics" in the Facebook profile.  Also, some have speculated that the character in the image is an EDF (Earth Defense Force) soldier.

There are also rumors of a new DNF or Duke-related trailer, which I would like to confirm as baboon shit until there is solid evidence for a said trailer.

Update: Our community member JobivanHiob, who is a Facebook friend of Scott, has confirmed that Miller created the fan page, and that he shared a viewing of an unknown trailer with former 3D Realms employee Jeron Moore.  Scott also posted a message on his Facebook saying that "the trailer rocks"--we don't know what trailer he's is talking about, and we still have no information on the origin of the "D-Day" image, but we'll update this news item with details as/if they become available.  In the meantime, we're wondering if this might have anything to do with the "big and unexpected" announcement.


Some Tiny Overlooked DNF Media

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Thu Nov 26 2009, 08:44pm

Our forum member NukemDave has made a small discovery that may have been overlooked for two months.  Jeron Moore, who worked for 3D Realms and contributed to the soundtracks/scores for games such as Prey and Duke Nukem Forever, uploaded a demo reel about eight weeks ago which contains a few seconds of DNF gameplay.

If you skip to 2:03 in the video, you'll be able to catch a VERY BRIEF glimpse of the DNF content, a VERY tiny amount of which was not in the earlier leaked/unofficial material from May.  This doesn't change anything about the current state of 3D Realms or the game, but some Duke fans may find these demo reel snapshots of the "new" content to be of some interest:

thumb_jeron1.jpg thumb_jeron2.jpg thumb_jeron3.jpg


WG Realms 2 TC Episode 1 Released

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Tue Nov 17 2009, 10:29am

WG Realms 2: Siege Breaker is an action packed total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D, by William Gee (level design), Dan "DeeperThought" Gaskill (coding) and "Cage" (original artwork). You don't need Duke 3D for this; just download and play! WGR2 is the sequel to William Gee's masterpiece, WG Realms.

The now released first episode has three huge levels with some of WG's best work to date, including a variety of breathtaking environments with emphasis on nature and medieval themes, enhanced with new visual effects. You play as Duke Nukem, who has been transported to a fantasy realm where a human kingdom is under siege by hordes of monsters (some of which will be familiar from games such as Doom and Hexen). With a brand new suite of kickass weapons, inventory and abilities, Duke undertakes to break the siege so that he can return home to his own world. A total of 3 episodes are planned.

You can also learn more about the project by reading the review over at MSDN and checking out the corresponding discussion thread at our forums.

thumb_wgr2.jpg thumb_wgr2_2.jpg

You can look at more screenshots over at this gallery.  A special thank you goes out to DeeperThought and William Gee for providing with the above information on their fantastic work.


DNMP Coming to Xbox Live Arcade?

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Tue Nov 03 2009, 10:02am

This might be the "big announcement" Scott may have been talking about, as noted in our previous news item.  GamerBytes reports that the LinkedIn profile of software development engineer Rebecca Heineman indicates that she has worked on "Duke Nukem: The Manhattan Project XBLA."

This news comes courtesy of the Linkedin profile of Rebecca Heineman, one of the founding members of Interplay back in 1983 and programmer of such classics as The Bards Tale III. Rebecca currently resides as Lead Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.

In her LinkedIn profile, as well as a cached version of a forum post, she suggests that she's been working on bringing Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project to the Xbox Live Arcade.

This is good news for Xbox 360 owners who are Duke fans!  By the way, if you want to try out DNMP and you don't have a 360 or Xbox Live connection, you can purchase the full game for the PC platform for $5.99 from GoG.

Thanks for the heads up, Kaisersoze.


Wow... A New News Item!

Category: Site News
by Yatta, on Sun Nov 01 2009, 08:16pm

I know guys--it's a miracle, but we have news!  And yes, we do love to poke fun at ourselves.  Anyway, our very own community member Jobi-Wan Kenobi found an item of interest on Scott Miller's Facebook.  For those who don't know, Scott is a co-owner of 3D Realms.  Anyhow, his Facebook reads:

Something big and unexpected will soon be announced.

Hopefully it's Duke related, or some good news in general.  However, our forum members are speculating that it may actually be an announcement pertaining to his coming out of the closet, or better yet, a marriage proposal.  Some also say that he may be getting ready to boast about a giant bonus he received from the federal bailout money 3D Realms received earlier this year.

Nov 2 Update: Scott has confirmed that the announcement is in fact Duke related!

Oh yeah--KareBear also found a comment by monumental tool George Broussard on Shacknews in response to a fan's wish regarding a new Duke Nukem game that goes back to Duke's roots--maybe something along the lines of Manhattan Project.  Broussard responded, "You may get your wishes."

In other news, we've recently removed our GoG flash banner advertisement for Duke Nukem 3D from our flash menu.  We've added a small banner to the top left of the website instead; you'll be able to collapse and uncollapse it depending on how useful or annoying you find it to be, but we hope it'll generate some additional revenue for the maintenance of our website.


Duke3D Machinima Powered by Polymer

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Tue Oct 13 2009, 09:36am

VinsaneOne, Steven Johnson, and Joeseph Winchester of Open Maw Productions, along with the help of the few other dudes in the credits, have created the most awesome Machinima ever made for Duke Nukem 3D.  The six-minute film comes packed with a custom voicing of Duke and new one liners, in addition to magnificent action scenes where you get to see shit blow up Polymer-style.  The soundtrack is fantastic, too.

It is called Hollywood Holocaust: "The Aliens Return" Movie:

Here's a word from Vinsane himself:

This video is a must see for any and all Duke fans. Lots of people make and view tons of gameplay footage, maybe even you. But this is waaaaay different! Here's why. A camera man, yes, only one. But you'd think many because of the splended multiple angle shooting by the director himself, who btw, is the excecutive producer. Also, the first movie of it's kind to make use of the new Polymer rendering! Real acting, which means every movement was followed by the director. Great rocking soundtrack, special effects and voice acting, not to mention it has some of the most creative, all new one-liners you ever heard. It will have you rolling on the floor! And the voice is so close, ther's no justice lost to the King, Duke Nukem.

This vid is far from being perfect. It's a screen test showing what was done and how. Taking this to the next level depends on you. If the reaction is of a positive nature for this test, there will be more and much better movies to come.

One other thing. This very same vid was mentioned in another thread by the director. Only difference is that one has the directors commentary.
But the real reason i've posted this is that I felt this work deserves a bit more attention, and well worth 6 min of your time...Enjoy!


Polymer Update Released

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Wed Oct 07 2009, 08:26pm

There's a new version of Polymer available that addresses many issues people were concerned with.  Aside from smaller, less notable bug fixes and tweaks, the engine now supports resizing of the drawing area, which means you can activate the full-size status bar in the game.  You can also specify a custom aspect ratio if you play at less common resolutions.

Also, this build fixes some (.ogg) sound related crashes as well popping/crackling noise issues some people were encountering.

The download link for the new version is the same, so there's no need to update your bookmarks.

In other news, former 3D Realms Duke Nukem Forever artist Tramell Isaac activated a blog post he had made in June 10, 2009.  The post was in response to two earlier entries he had made a few months ago regarding his memories concerning DNF development.  The entry is visible to the public now, so if you care about that small DNF teaser and how 3DR handled it, this is for you.

(Special thanks to Apocalypso for bringing this to our attention four days ago.)

It should be noted that always has Duke/DNF news before any other site, but we wanted to give some priority to the initial Polymer release news so we had to delay the heads up on Trammell's blog post (which many people didn't care about, given 3DR's shitty treatment of its fans).

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