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How you feel about the "Bombshell" game announcement?




Posted by Yatta
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DNF Quotes by George Broussard

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Fri Jun 06 2008, 09:18pm

This is a follow up to the previous news item--thanks to Kristian and 3DR forum users for getting the following out of George Broussard:


I hope this isn't Doom 3 (indoors and dark).


It's not. This was a snippet from one level inside hoover dam, for a few mins. there are large outdoor environments, too, and tons of stuff not seen here. I wasn't even sure they were going to show game footage as the original deal was to just film jason playing the game, and a reaction. They cut in a few scenese here and there. Much much more to see and come.

We only let jason play a small section of one level. rest assured there are large ooutdoor open areas and much much more to come. this is but a small taste.

You're looking at it from a scientific angle, only analyzing a few seconds of gameplay. Most people look at it as confirmation that the game they want to play is alive, breathing, and coming...

There is so much more to show, it's silly. And it still won't be enough for lots of people, and that's ok.

Never fear, there are bright, daylight levels, as well. I'd say all times of day and mood are represented at some point. There is a mixture of corridor crawls, and larger more open areas (indoor and out).

Any voice in there was added by HD Films and isn't in game.


That EDF supply crate is one of the worst crates in the history of crates. But otherwise... /throws confetti!


Been replaced for quite a while now. That footage is 6 months old and lots of things are updated or tweaked/different now.


oh yeah, the points thing that pops up definitly needs to go


Programmer art and temp, which is why footage was never really intended to be shown, and why we're not quite doing "official" releases of in game stuff. It's in progress but about to have another polish pass.

We do polish passes on things all the time. It just depends what the focus is. Some people are polishing and others are building new things, and it all changes all the time. There are times when we lock down for 3-4 weeks and virtually everyone works on polish as a core goal, too.


so does this video count as "stay tuned" material?


Not really. It was kind of random.

The particle effects in this video are about 6 months old and most of the combat fx have been replaced by now with new hotness.