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YicklePigeon`s Exclusive Fan Article

Category: Site News
by Yatta, on Fri Jun 10 2011, 10:39pm

If you've been part of the Duke community for a while now, you may enjoy this historical article, written by YicklePigeon exclusively for  Oh, and it appears that I make a visual cameo in it too.

Here's a description of the article, as noted by Yickle himself through an e-mail he sent me:

It's not the history of Duke or anything oft-mentioned on the forums so far.  Indeed I settled on being more personal take that briefly covers how I came to know Apogee way back in 1990, fast-forwarding through the years to when I first started posting on the 3DR forums, and quickly going through all that to present day.

I've attached some screenshots for inclusion at the end of the article as well, many haven't been seen beyond those who were there at the time (and maybe not even then).  I do have more, but they're on another hard drive and I haven't a way to get a hold of those at the moment so its best to enjoy what's here.  I've included brief highlights covering our games of F.E.A.R., our eDuke32 matches we had with Charlie Wiederhold and Diablo 2.  I have also included a few jpegs that reference times gone by (I would have supplied PNGs for all, but the originals were either jpegs to begin with or lost to time).

Check it out!  It definitely makes me want to relive the old times by setting up some DNF multiplayer matches sometime soon.

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