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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



Posted by Yatta
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DNF: Everything You Need to Know

Category: DNF
by Yatta, on Mon Feb 18 2008, 10:22pm

You know how the Dallas Journal article from the news item below is partially hidden unless you're a subscriber?  Well, a kind fellow by the name of Wamar was awesome enough to shed some light on the missing pieces of information by contacting us.  Now we know perfectly well that pasting the entire article here would violate copyright laws, but last time I checked, you can't have your balls cut off for not plagiarizing--and that is exactly what we intend to do.  And now I'd like to shut the hell up and give you the key highlights of the article, which I myself wrote IN MY OWN WORDS after reading the original material.

- Scott Miller (3D Realms Co-founder) says Duke might make it this year.

- 3DR faced the problems of trying to grow large enough to maintain three simultaneous internal projects while developing DNF, and it threw the company back--some shit got canned, and other shit was either set aside or given to third party developers.

- 12 years of development went towards interactive environments that their game engine was not mature enough to handle, so the code was rewritten resulting in a series of complications which produced further setbacks.

- Scott Miller says they've finally achieved their goal of creating a "super-interactive" game environment.

- 3DR won't disclose how many employees they have, but they hired a crap-load of new talent after--and this is what the article says--firing half its employees.  That's interesting, because I had the notion they left on their own--but I'll leave it at that because I don't want to start any drama.

- Apparently Bombshell (which was one of the three stand-alone game projects 3DR was working on) is now integrated into DNF.  Miller isn't quoted on the confirmation, but the article says she's part of the Duke universe as Duke's action-female counterpart.

- Scott jokes about Duke dying in the end, and goes on to say most of the weapons from Duke3D are back in DNF.  Also, Duke is still a controversial character because the company is trying to retain his bad-ass image.

- The entire game is narrated through the first-person view; Duke's now off duty in Las Vegas where he kicks back at his casino, the "Lady Killer," which is then raided by aliens.

- Scott admits the project's come along roughly, but once again uses his "end of the tunnel" metaphor to say the game might finally be on the right track.  2008, here we come.

Thanks again to Wamar for making this flow of information possible.  In fact, I hope he (or she) gets laid for this.  Really.


Nihilanth | 19 Feb : 00:07 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
Now that's some cool stuff.

Kristian Joensen | 19 Feb : 06:58 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
WOW lots of interesting stuff there. Weird stuff, exceedingly weird stuff.

I would LOVE to see the "original material" after reading this that is for sure..

parkar | 19 Feb : 14:53 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
Thats some good stuff there. And as always almost everything i hear about the game is just like I hoped or sounding even better. Bombshell was part of DNF way back in the 98 version IIRC. That she is back was sort of a surprise. I hope they play with the idea that she is not into Duke making him assume she is a lesbian. Great to hear the over all story is still the same with Lady Killer and all that.

I just love how all the little stuff we know about the game just feels like it will fit together so well. It just somehow doesn't feel constructed which is usually a common problem with stories in FPS games. It's as if the story just comes naturally if you place Duke in Vegas in his own casino (which by the way feels like the obvious thing Duke would own) and let the aliens make a comeback. Obviously once we get more details on the story it may turn out to feel very constructed in the end but at least so far it sounds awesome.

The whole super interactive game part is awesome as well since I think it's the first time it's confirmed that the interactivity was the technical problems they had with the engine in the earlier versions. This suggests they aimed pretty high when it comes to interactivity and that this is still a big focus. I guess most of us where pretty sure of this since before but getting more evidence pointing in that direction is always great.

Joe3DR | 19 Feb : 16:40 DNF: Everything You Need to Know

That was funny. There's a couple things here that are so wrong, it made me laugh out loud.

No, I won't say what they are. But I love deep throat articles like this. Make me laugh.

Yatta | 19 Feb : 18:50 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
I don't understand how or why they got so much wrong if it was a one on one interview. That's frustrating.

Damien_Azreal | 19 Feb : 20:17 DNF: Everything You Need to Know

Things are really looking up for DNF, I can't wait for the day when I'm holding the box in my hands.

ryche | 19 Feb : 20:37 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
I'm curious what was so wrong...possibly the whole group of people firing bit. Who knows? Cant wait for the game

wieder | 20 Feb : 18:40 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
Who knows?

/raises hand

ryche | 21 Feb : 00:07 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
Weider I meant who knows....besides those who were there

Please do tell hahah

wieder | 21 Feb : 18:29 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
ryche... simply put the article isn't accurate (or even close) to what was going on or how and why people left during that time period. I don't want to get much into it for the same reason as Yatta.

DavoX | 21 Feb : 19:49 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
Maybe they made stuff up just to piss 3DR off, this is getting silly.

Unskinnybob | 22 Feb : 00:06 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
Oh - speak the truth and your post gets deleted. Mature.

Micki! | 22 Feb : 02:14 DNF: Everything You Need to Know

Whats immature is that people post negative comments that aren't constructive... That's the worse kind, and it's not like we haven't heard it all before...

It bothers some that the game isn't out yet, those people, who are bothered, still have an urge to return and say how much they don't care, thinking they prove themselves of being "done" with caring for the project... While other people who REALLY don't care, don't come here at all... I prefer the latter, they have the same opinion as other people who gave up on this game, except they don't repeat themsevles and keep kicking the dead horse...

ryche | 22 Feb : 14:18 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
That's cool wieder I figured the article wasn't accurate especially when Joe is laughing at it too.

Can't wait to see your Alien game though

MartyMcFly | 24 Feb : 02:43 DNF: Everything You Need to Know
tis good news. even knowing that Duke has his own casino is awesome. it was kind of speculated, we knew he had somekind of massive mansion, but its good to be confirmed.

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