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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



Posted by Yatta
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Duke3D HRP v5.4 Released

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Thu Jun 18 2015, 03:37pm

The community has managed again to add about 130 MB of additional content to the pack since September 2013. Even though this is impressive, the amount of stuff which is really new and noticable remains modest: There is a Luke Skywalker model for the famous secret in E2L8: Lunar Reactor now, together with a few new textures.  Emphasis rather lies on enhanced maphacks support for more custom maps (now powered by a more flexible maphacks system implemented in recent EDuke32 releases), considerable progress regarding Polymer support for textures/models, and updates applied to some secondary models which had visually suffered throughout the years.
More info & download here on the official HRP website.

Bonus: I met with the 3D Realms team this week before E3. They demo'd Bombshell for me and it looked fun as hell.   Left to right: Scott, Fred, Khaled, Yatta, Becky.


PC Gamer`s HRP Highlight

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Fri May 15 2015, 02:05pm has been featured on a PC Gamer article which highlights how to run Duke Nukem 3D on Windows 7/8.  Thanks for the heads up, Brad!
To run Duke at up to 1920x1400, first download and install the game from Steam or GOG. Then head to to download the high resolution texture pack. You want the full version, which weighs in at 870 MB as of version 5.3. This high-res texture pack is built on top of an open source port of Duke 3D called EDuke32. Once you've downloaded the texture pack, extract it into a new folder.


Mods? Oh yes, there are mods. ModDB is chock full of them, and there's a giant repository of maps at For a listing of maps with more details, there's also Scent 88. Go to town.
Read the full article here!


3D Realms Office History Part 2

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Tue Apr 28 2015, 09:53am

I forget what year it happened, but in the late 90’s we had a bunch of fans “invade” (their term, not ours) the offices.  A couple of fans from our forums just showed up, and walked in and asked to see what was going on.  At the time we didn’t have much in the way of security, and while George was generally nice to them, it did prompt some changes.  After their stunt, we installed security keyfobs for the doors, so you couldn’t just get in without someone letting you in.  That also extended to our next offices in a big way.  I can’t recall if anyone tried again at the Broadway offices after that stunt, but they wouldn’t have gotten in.

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3D Realms Office History

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Wed Mar 25 2015, 09:40pm

As you probably know, the offices of 3D Realms these days reside in Aalborg, Denmark. This is a relatively new development, as Interceptor bought the company known for such titles as Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Wolfenstein 3D, and many many others. We've decided to take a look back at the history of the offices that made up 3D Realms. We enlisted long timer Joe Siegler to write about this relatively unknown part of the company. This will be a series of articles (going through till 2015). This first part focuses on the original base of operations, the home of Scott Miller's parents in Garland, TX.

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Bombshell Trailer Released

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Mon Mar 02 2015, 01:51pm

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EDuke32 Add-on Compilation

Category: Duke3D
by Yatta, on Wed Dec 24 2014, 10:31am

Since mid-2013, I had been working on a pack of Duke3D addons which can be easily run from within the EDuke32 launcher by using the grpinfo feature. The result is a collection of about 60 groupfiles containing about 670 levels, over 1.1 GB of data (uncompressed). It works really easily: It comes as an additional folder ("addons") which contains all the groupfiles, you add -jaddons to your EDuke32 shortcut and see all the groupfiles in the launcher afterwards.

Please see the readme file for full details.

As of today, the project is finished! You can download it on the HRP website (scroll to the bottom of the "Download" section). Enjoy!

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Happy 20th, Rise of the Triad!

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Tue Dec 23 2014, 10:14am

I moved from Pennsylvania to Texas in December of 1992.  I took a job with 3D Realms (then just called Apogee Software).  I left a company of 70,000 to come work for a videogame company in Garland of around 20 or so (most of that was order takers at the time).    I stayed there from Dec 1992 to May of 2009 when a bunch of us were notably laid off during the development of Duke Nukem Forever.   During all that time I either participated in or was witness to the development of a boatload of games.  But in all that time I was a true developer in just one of them.   That was Rise of the Triad.

Read the full story over at Joe's blog.


3D Realms Website Relaunched

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Thu Oct 23 2014, 01:04pm

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Revisiting the Original 3D Realms Offices

Category: 3D Realms
by Yatta, on Wed Sep 24 2014, 07:29pm

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Why're there no Duke Nukem slot machines yet?

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Thu Sep 18 2014, 08:58am

It's insane. Everyone knows that Duke Nukem is the epitome of badass, and epic characters get to have their own slot machines now. He is one of the most iconic heroes in the U.S. of all time but apparently, we neither see him in brick-and-mortar casino establishments nor on online gaming sites. Not cool, casino game developers.

Casinos now feature hundreds of slot games based on iconic comic book heroes and the pop culture in order to tap the young adults market. IGT, provider of games for Castle Jackpot Online Slots, is one of the pioneers of this idea, developing slots for the fans of Tomb Raider, The Dark Night, Agent 47 of the Hitman, and many other games. If IGT or any other slot gaming developer out there is looking for a new icon to capitalize on, they shouldn’t look further than the Duke of badassery himself. Here are a few reasons why.

The Duke Nukem franchise is big

Perhaps the most difficult process in the creation of slot machines is choosing a theme for them. A Batman slot, no matter how popular Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is, would be boring if all the slots made after Gotham’s masked detective featured the same game play and idea. Thankfully, Batman has a lot of titles (The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin, Batman Returns, etc.) so game developers won’t have a difficult time thinking about a theme for a new Batman slot. The same thing goes for Duke Nukem. To date, the game has a total of 4 main series, 4 expansion packs, and 13 spin offs including Total Meltdown and Zero Hour. A game developer who’d use The Duke for their slots will have tons of ready-made themes to choose from!

Duke Nukem has a huge fanbase

And a loyal one at that. In fact, perhaps Duke's fans are the most hardcore of them all. Any fan of the Duke knows the fiasco of Duke Nukem Forever. The game took 15 years to develop due to a lot of overhauls both in the game and the studio that develops it. While everyone thought Duke Nukem Forever will forever remain a fantasy, die-hard fans knew the day of its release would eventually come. In 2011, the game got out and the fans rejoiced. No one forgot the Duke even if he went hiatus for more than a decade.

So, is a Duke Nukem slot machine a good idea? Absolutely! Duke Nukem came out during the time when PlayStation 1 catered to millions of teens around the world. Those teens are now adults, making Duke Nukem the perfect game to attract the young adult demographic.

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