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Duke Begins Footage

Former Gearbox employee Gregor Punchatz uploaded a demo reel video and in it you can find Duke Begins footage at 5:56 below; this is a CGI “proof of concept” from the mid-to-late 2000s.  Duke Begins was a cancelled video game proposed by developer Gearbox Software. Few details have been shared since its reveal in 2009, though its title carries the implication of a Duke Nukem origin story, illustrating how Duke became the person he is in chronologically later games.

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AMC TC v3.6 released!

AMC TC v3.6 has been released – this version brings a large tech overhaul to the mod and brings OpenGL support, offering improved performance as well as fixing a large variety of bugs. It also includes additional art improvements, and a new map for episode 3. There’s also been additional improvements to help ease new players into the vast and complex world of AMC.


  • Polymost/OpenGL support – thanks to significant work by Doom64hunterSangman, and the EDuke32 team, this much requested feature is now available.
  • Additional art updates for boss enemies and NPCs such as the Abyss Despot and the Mamano by sebabdukeboss20
  • New Cinematics by sebabdukeboss20! Make sure you play in Polymost mode to see them.
  • Additional GUI updates by AliCatGamer!
  • Tons of polishing and bug fixing, particularly to solve common crashes and UI and texture issues.
  • A new map starring Alien Armageddon’s Bombshell, by Micky C – found in Episode 3 after finishing the Chaosphere level and having the Paranormal Research Division unlocked, the map icon for the mission is found in the USA map.

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Ion Fury Preview: A New Build Engine FPS in 2019!

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Revisiting Two of Our Favorite Duke Nukem Mods

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Ion Fury Coming August 15, 2019

On July 11, 2019, 3D Realms announced that the title of Ion Maiden was changed to Ion Fury. It has also been announced that voice actor Jon St. John, best known for the character Duke Nukem, is confirmed to be voicing the game’s main villain. While you wait for the game to be released in August 15, you can enjoy playing poker online at Asia. In the meantime, here’s the awesome game trailer that just came out!

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Duke Nukem 3D Remake in Serious Sam 3 Engine

Community modder Syndroid is bringing Duke Nukem 3D back by using the Serious Sam 3 engine (SS Fusion 2017). Instead of creating new 3D models for his mod, Syndroid uses a mix of custom-made assets including models made by Tea Monster, as well as assets from the Hollywood Holocaust Rethinked mod, the  Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack (HRP), and Duke Nukem Forever.  The combination of the recreated levels and remixed background music is quite lovely, and fans will surely enjoy it just as much as the Best Online Casino.

Thus far, Syndroid has recreated the four levels from the L.A. Meltdown Episode of Duke Nukem 3D, and he’s not done yet–his goal is to finish the remaining levels of the episode and perhaps include additional bonuses beyond that.

While Syndroid states that his main idea is to remake the classic Duke Nukem 3D experience inside of Serious Sam 3, some modern elements have been added to the mix. For instance, the levels have been expanded and occasional enemy waves and arena fights bring new elements to the familiar old settings fans grew up with.

Finally, what sets this mod apart is that this Duke Nukem 3D remake supports virtual reality (VR) and co-op gameplay thanks to integration into the Serious Sam framework:


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Ardat Lilitu’s Duke Nukem Fan Comics

The comics are appropriately titled “Duke Nukem: Vengeance of a King.”  Ardat provides a synopsis of his comics as follows: Duke Nukem Forever was all just a nightmare. After the events of the first alien invasion, the EDF takes all the merits of Duke’s victories. This means that Duke, an outcast, has lost everything. General Graves has disappeared. After years the aliens are back for revenge but also for something else. Duke is alone and he has only Captain Dylan on his side. Even though the EDF still needs him, Duke doesn’t trust them anymore but the situation forces him to compromise–but he’ll do it his way.

The art style in Ardat’s comics is amazing, and we highly recommend checking them out while you find the best bonuses!  Click below to read the comics.

NBlood 1.0 Released

Open for business.

NBlood, an open-source Blood port based on EDuke32 and developed by NukeYKT, has been released.

NBlood is a user-friendly and highly accurate port featuring multiplayer, software & OpenGL (Polymost) renderers, support for Redbook CD audio & accurate FM OPL3 (SB/AdLib) emulation, and DEF/HRP support.

NukeYKT has previously released NRedneck (Rednukem) – an open-source Redneck Rampage port based on EDuke32. Both NBlood and NRedneck come with the quality of life improvements you’d expect from EDuke32 including a modern control scheme and support for arbitrary resolutions and native widescreen.

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