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Duke Nukem Forever (2011) Enhanced v1.5 Release Trailer

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Duke Nukem Forever 1996 2D Game Prototype Gameplay

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Duke Nukem Forever (2001) Restoration Project First Slice Trailer

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By Far the Best Duke Nukem Forever Dev History Documentary Series

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Duke Nukem Forever (2011): Reimposition

Duke Nukem Forever: Reimposition is a project to re-implement and enable a fully functional DukeED for Duke Nukem Forever (2011), and as a modification aims to fix and improve Duke Nukem Forever (2011), and make it more fun to play at GGBET!  This is an on-going project being actively discussed in the Discord, and being worked on by community member IceColdDuke.

Current features of the DukeED re-implementation include:

– Re-implementation of Unreal Editor for Duke Nukem Forever (2011)
– UnrealScript compiling support
– Content import support

Current features of the re-imposition modification include:

– Removal of the weapon limit with the full weapon roster being selectable with 0-9 keys
– Duke Nukem 3D style HUD
– Removal of general depth of field effect

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Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Restoration Project

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Vice Waypoint Article: Why Do People Still Care About ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ So Much?

Patrick Klepek is the Senior Writer at Vice’s Waypoint, and he’s been covering video games for more than 20 years.  In his latest article, he writes about the circumstances surrounding the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build leak and the worldwide attention it has garnered to date.  Here’s a snippet:

Earlier this month, a surprisingly complete early version of Duke Nukem Forever, the sequel to the groundbreaking Duke Nukem 3D that introduced a generation to the concept of interacting with a digital toilet that flushed, was released anonymously onto the internet. It’s a game that looks hugely different from the one that would later ship more than a decade later to much fanfare but little acclaim, a testament to the well-documented development hell—an endless process of rebooting both the game’s design and technology—the game endured. got a mention in this article, so be sure to go and check it out!

A Large Amount of the DNF 2001 Leak is Actually Playable!

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Duke Nukem Forever E3 2001 Trailer: Atomic 4K Edition (Using Leaked Build Footage)

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