Duke Nukem Forever (2011): Reimposition

Duke Nukem Forever: Reimposition is a project to re-implement and enable a fully functional DukeED for Duke Nukem Forever (2011), and as a modification aims to fix and improve Duke Nukem Forever (2011), and make it more fun to play at GGBET!  This is an on-going project being actively discussed in the Duke4.net Discord, and being worked on by community member IceColdDuke.

Current features of the DukeED re-implementation include:

– Re-implementation of Unreal Editor for Duke Nukem Forever (2011)
– UnrealScript compiling support
– Content import support

Current features of the re-imposition modification include:

– Removal of the weapon limit with the full weapon roster being selectable with 0-9 keys
– Duke Nukem 3D style HUD
– Removal of general depth of field effect

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