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Is Gearbox doing a good job handling the Duke Nukem IP?



Posted by Yatta
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Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games

Category: Duke Nukem
by Yatta, on Thu Sep 13 2012, 07:47pm

As seen in the first five minutes of this IGN interview:
“I willingly and lovingly acquired the brand. When I did that, I wasn’t thinking that the only goal is just to make sure everyone could play Duke Nukem Forever,” Pitchford told IGN. “The real goal for me is I’d like to build a Duke Nukem game again.”

He continued to say, “I think what I would do and what Gearbox would do would be a little different" than Duke Nukem Forever. "I think it would be amazing, and I look forward to that.”
Thanks for the heads up, ELV1S!


zwieback | 14 Sep : 01:44 Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
yes, i think gbox can make a better duke game than dnf. i hope so. at least dnf was the worst gbox game i ever played. so, that's my reasoning.
[ edited 14 Sep : 01:44 ]

Mr.Deviance | 14 Sep : 18:55 Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
Randy Lying Sucktord can suck my dick until it becomes his greatest lover...
This monster can lie without flinching.
For anybody who's reading this, this mother fucker was even more hyped when talking about DNF a few weeks before it shipped!
Everything somebody asked him about DNF received a positive answer!
The amounts of shit that this Randy Fagford Cuntface Sucker promised to be in DNF and wasn't, are equal to his bank account.
This piece of shit is a genuine suit AND NOT a gamer as he will make lots of new people believe!

He knows his lesson and he knows it good.
Lie the best I can and get shitloads of money!
He does it like a pro!
He lies in media campaigns for his company's games for a few weeks and then he laughs all the way to the bank.
I would personally set this mother fucker on fire!

[ edited 14 Sep : 19:10 ]

zwieback | 16 Sep : 06:22 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
note that i didn't say randy pitchford in my comment. i'm talking about the people working there and their potential.
if they would go on kickstarter though, i wouldn't spend a dime on it.
[ edited 16 Sep : 06:23 ]

shmargin | 20 Sep : 06:32 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
You mad bro? Jeesus.

Your rage is obviously festering from the fact that like me, you waited for DNF since DN3D was first in shareware.

But seriously calm the fuck down. For one DNF wasnt bad at all, just over hyped for a decade before his company had anything to do with it. Plus, hes a president of a company, which is almost like the main salesman when it comes down to it.

You REALLY think hes going to give an interview and say "Well, if you've waited for a decade, you'll probably be disappointed, don't buy this game if you've been waiting for a long time".

Of course not. So calm down, you look like a fool, most Gearbox games rock, including the new Borderlands 2. And I'm sure with the same devs working on a new Duke game, it would rock as well, and I'm sure it would be better than the dated DNF was when it finally got released after George & Scott fucking up constantly.

Spirrwell | 07 Oct : 22:17 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
Well he says at 3:56 that he feels like he sucks and doesn't know shit and that they're just starting to figure things out...

L2theKING | 15 Sep : 04:51 Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games

keiron | 17 Sep : 01:49 Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
Come off it. Randy isn't to blame for DNF being shit. George Broussard is!

I have every faith in Gearbox releasing a top quality Duke Nukem game if they build it from scratch themselves.

Mr.Deviance | 19 Sep : 16:29 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
Randy is not at fault for DNF sucking, he is at fault for hyping the living shit out of it and cashing in...
[ edited 19 Sep : 16:30 ]

zwieback | 20 Sep : 02:23 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
oh what a salesperson he dares to be to hype the shit out of his product

keiron | 20 Sep : 04:59 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
I think they just about broke even.

necroslut | 23 Sep : 09:29 Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
Shut the fuck up, Mr.Deviance. You've been doing this for over a year now. It's really annoying.

Mr.Deviance | 16 Oct : 06:47 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
The absolute last thing that I care about in the world is what annoys you or better said, I actually decided that I don't care at all.
I've been telling the truth since many more years actually, not just one year.
I don't give a shit if you mind it or not, I'm telling it like it is without giving a shit about what you or anybody else thinks.
If you don't like it, take a knife and finish yourself.

[ edited 16 Oct : 06:49 ]

shmargin | 18 Oct : 12:02 Re: Randy Informally Confirms More Duke Games
Ooo, suicide humor. Good one.

Exactly what I would expect from the level of intelligence demonstrated in your previous posts.

I dont think anyones asking you to give a shit, theyre telling you to shut the fuck up. Which is generally what anyone does, when one person is being super annoying and internet raging like you are.

Of course you dont have to shut up, you probably wont, and this will probably just fuel you more, but, when you act a certain way, you should expect a certain response. And in this situation, you're getting exactly that.

Go troll else where. Or dont, and keep getting told to shut the fuck up. At the end of the day, the only person that looks moronic is you.

I wont lose any sleep over it regardless.
[ edited 18 Oct : 12:03 ]

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