5 Universities to Start Learning Program Engineering

 Due to the increasing role of digital technologies in our lives, the popularity of tech education only grows. Therefore, many students today want to get a degree in one of the most highly demanded professions of program engineering.

Despite this, it is sometimes challenging to find a reliable learning program where you can get a certificate recognized worldwide. To keep your search productive, we prepared for you the top five universities where you can learn program engineering and not regret it!


  1. Stanford University

№2 in Engineering Programs


Take a chance to learn from one of the best universities in silicon valley. At Stanford University, you will learn how to manage every project, from creation to customer usage. This private institution has operated since 1885 and provides students their services for $53,529. This is the cost for all educational processes, including tuition and fees.

You can choose on-campus life or join technology training opportunities. Everyone from the IT community of Stanford University can take part in the Techie Festival, where you can get free virtual training sessions.


  1. Georgia Institute of Technology

№4 in Engineering Programs


This is a public school that was founded in 1885. At Georgia Institute of Technology, every student will get essential hands-on tasks. Usually, students must write solutions in their assignments. The learning program is flexible, so you can visit such an online service as http://assignmentshark.com and prepare your assignment online or by handwriting a draft.

If you want to get a degree and are located in Atlanta, the fee is $12,682. And for out-of-state students, tuition and fees reach $33,794.


  1. Princeton University

№12 in Engineering Programs


This institution’s history began in 1746, and it is deservedly considered one of the oldest. It is a private university, and the tuition and fees for this field come to the annual rate of $51,870. The School of Engineering contains one of the most powerful programs and research methods.

The approach combines different fields of study: engineering and society, artificial intelligence, sustainable energy, physics, biology, computer science, electrical engineering, and architectural engineering. It helps students to become wide-range specialists and implement their knowledge of program engineering in the real world.


  1. Brigham Young University—Provo

№83 in Engineering Programs


Even though it is a private university, tuition and fees are a much more palatable median of $5,790. This makes Brigham Young University – Provo one of the most affordable educational institutes for tech students. The community of students must follow strict religious rules. This helps to develop not only the knowledge of program engineering but a moral code as well.


  1. University of North Dakota

№185 in Engineering Programs


This public institution provides a degree in humanities and sciences from the 1883 year of foundation. If you want to join the educational process here, you have to pay tuition and fees at the rate of $9,736 for in-state students. If you are an out-of-state student, you need to pay a median of $13,842.



Now you know the best schools in the US where you can get a degree in program engineering. The rankings we included are based on the methodology of the US News survey of engineering schools in spring 2019, and they are still relevant today.