Are there any scam bingo sites?

When you play bingo in a regular bingo hall you can hold the physical bingo card, watch howt thecaller and other players behave and observe the balls being drawn. In the online versiono ofthe game, it’s just you and the screen – click to view slots games. Most of the time, playingb bingoonline is perfectly safe. There are, however, some fraudulent pages you should look out for. Below you can read about how to tell whether the bingo website is a scam.

1. Reviews

Online you can choose from many bingo websites. Some of them are more popular than others. Having many positive reviews from players who used the page before are a sign the page is trustworthy. If a bingo website doesn’t have any reviews and you’ve never heard of it, you should probably avoid it.

Choosing websites that are featured in rankings of the best bingo websites, and that have good reputation amongst players you make sure the website is not a scam.

2. Licensing

Just like online casinos, all bingo sites need to obtain licences in order to be considered legal operators. If you go to the UK Gambling Commission’s website you can use the search option there to easily verify if the bingo page has a valid licence. Moreover, many legitimate sites will have a note in the bottom of the website saying that they are licenced and
controlled by a certain authority.

3. Many games to choose from

Most safe bingo websites usually offer not only the classic 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games, but also some slot machines and other casino games. All the renowned websites strive to provide their customers with the best experience possible. If the page offers a very limited selection of games that might be a red flag.


4. Various payment methods

Legitimate bingo sites try to make the payment process straightforward and quick so they normally offer multiple payment methods. If the bingo operator has connections with many payment services, it means it can be trusted. Customers’ security should be a priority of each bingo page. If a website only offers one payment option you shouldn’t deposit any money there before checking other indicators of the website’s safety.

5. Customer Support

All trustworthy bingo sites will offer multiple options for customers to contact their representatives in case of any problems or queries. Customer support can include live chats, special email addresses or phone lines that allow players to talk directly to representatives of the website. A legitimate website should also have a section featuring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you struggle with finding information on how to contact the customer support team, the page might not be safe.


Most of the bingo sites are safe. Nevertheless, when you gamble online you always have to be careful. If you check the things discussed here before you play, you can be sure that your money is protected. Knowing that you’re playing on a legitimate website is very important to be able to fully enjoy the bingo game.