Best Days to Play Bingo

It’s a question that Online Bingo lovers all over the world have asked themselves at one point or another: how do I increase my chances of winning? Well, the time and day that you choose to play can really affect your chances of winning, so make sure that you keep reading to discover how to boost your chances and understand more how bingo works!

During the week

Playing Online Bingo during the week while everyone else is at work has its pros and cons. Just to clarify on the time scale we are referring to it’s from 7am to 5/6pm. The pros to playing at this time of day are that everyone is likely to be at work, however because this is now common knowledge online casinos are decreasing their Jackpots for the quieter times and ramping them up for the big games that attract hundreds of players later in the evening. However if you’re looking for regular, smaller wins this could be the time for you! After all, not every player has their eyes set on the Jackpot.

Playing during the week in the evening

The next logical time for playing Online Bingo is between the hours of 6pm through to 9pm, as this is when lots of people get home from work and want to chill out for the evening. In fact, some players like to play the game on their commute home! Online casinos make the most of the busiest time and offer the highest Jackpots, as this is when they have the most traffic. If you love chatting with other players then this is the time for you to spread your wings you social butterfly! However if you like a nice, quiet game then you should consider playing at another time. Playing during the week after 10pm could be a viable option for you, as there will be significantly less players in the mix.

Playing Bingo at the weekends

So what about weekend Bingo sessions? Things get a little more varied when playing Bingo at the weekends, as there’s no obvious set pattern in place. One tip would be to play on nice sunny days, as it is very likely that people will be out and about for the day enjoying the sun. The same can also be said for Friday and Saturday nights as the majority of young people could be out on the town for a few drinks, so it’s worth taking this opportunity to try and get your hands on the Jackpot!

What’s the verdict?

So what are the best days to play Bingo? While there are definitely quieter times to play Online Bingo, you can never predict when you’re going to land that big win! It does mostly come down to luck and chance, so don’t rely too heavily on the time of day for winning. You can always test out some different days and see what works best for you, but the most important thing is that you have fun!