Best Game Features In Red Dead Redemption 2 Include Level Of Detail, Animals & Gambling

Red Dead Redemption 2 is, arguably, one of the best games to have ever been created, with gamers all around the world enjoying everything the Wild West-themed video game has to offer them.


Indeed, the game has received rating scores of 4.7/5 from Common Sense Media, 93% from Metacritic and 9.7/10 from IMDb, thus highlighting just how highly-rated that the game is amongst the gaming community.


One reason for its high rating will likely be down to the fact that there are so many different features available within the game, which means there is almost too much to possibly do and enjoy! Let’s take a look at just some of those to currently exist:



Gambling was a highly popular pastime for many in the Wild West, so it is no surprise that this has been made available to do in the game. With blackjack being one of the most popular games in real life that can be played at Unibet, a legal PA online casino, and a game that has managed to stand the test of time, it is not a surprise that it exists within Red Dead Redemption 2. The same can be said about poker, whilst other wagering activities such as arm wrestling, horseshoes, liar’s dice and five finger filets are also available to participate in when visiting one of the many saloons in the game.


Gambling will allow for players to earn scraps for the many outfits available in the game, with the total winnings possible to view from the Stats section.


Houses and train tracks are continually built over time


Perhaps one of the cool features within the game is that society continues to develop, with infrastructures such as houses and train tracks continually being built throughout the game. It is noticeable at the beginning that these buildings are half-complete, however re-visit them later and the builders who have been working on them will have completed them and moved on to their next project.


Animals are provided huge features


Red Dead Redemption 2 features an ecosystem that sees animals fighting to survive. Many of them will act on their predatory instincts, which means players could see a number of battles between certain animals take place when they play.


Furthermore, possums are realistic in the fact that they will ‘play dead’ when being hunted, whilst corpses of animals will decompose after and rot away until just bones exist. This is a rather cool feature compared to many games as they will typically just disappear after a period of time.


Community features


There are a number of incredible features available in the game that involve the community, with the townspeople certainly being amongst some of the best around. For instance, they will drop their gimmicks if a player sticks around long enough, whilst they will not forget previous actions that happened to them.


Additionally, any injuries that are inflicted on characters will remain as reminders of injuries will remain, whilst also staying fresh in their minds, whilst they will also notice if the player is running around and will sometimes stand up for themselves. Moreover, if any blood is splattered onto Arthur or his horse, then it will remain, as well.


Level of detail


Indeed, the level of detail that has been implemented in Red Dead Redemption 2 is another reason why this game stands out a mile compared to others and retains its popularity with gamers.


Players can be struck by lightning (very rare) and be instantly killed as they would in real life, whilst there are over 300,000 different animations that can be made as well as 500,000 different lines of dialogue that can take place. Not to mention, characters can interrupt and resume conversations whenever they want, just as people can in reality!


Arthur can be punched out of his own gang


Depending on the way that a player chooses to interact with the other members of the gang, Arthur could actually end up being punched out of it, especially if he looks to try and antagonize the other members.


Some will rise above it and not react by simply walking away, but others might look to cause a fight, which could either see the rest of the camp try to break it up, or one person will get that punch that knocks Arthur’s lights out. Indeed, he will wake up but as he returns to the camp after being dumped outside, he will be provided with a stern telling off from Dutch about not being a jerk in future.