Characters You Didn’t Recognize Played Roles in Both GOT and Star Wars Series

It is hard to ignore shows like GOT and Star Wars because they have such a deep storyline and complex characters. These shows have several overlapping philosophies as well as some Hollywood stars. Just cast HBO max to your TV, and you can turn this “spot the actor” into a game. Too busy for games? Here’s a list of some stars that appeared in both shows.

Tobias Menzies

He is famous for playing the Lord of Riverrun – Edmure Tully in GOT. The House Frey captured him before the Red Wedding, and he wanted to be the leader of the Seven Kingdoms. In Star Wars Rebels, Menzies voiced the character of Tiber Saxon and became well-known for that role.

Gwendoline Christie

She played the persona – Brienne of Tarth throughout GOT, and fans still love this fierce character with ties to House Lannister and House Stark. During the same time, she also worked in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. She is less-known for her role as Phasma, the First Order captain who got killed by Finn.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

He played a recurring character – Jojen Reed in GOT, a greenseer who helped find the Three-Eyed Raven. He made several appearances before a wight killed him during a journey. The following year, he starred in The Force Awakens, playing Petty Officer Thanisson serving the First Order.

Julian Glover

He appeared as Grand Maester Pycelle in the initial six seasons of GOT, serving the Lannister family with utmost loyalty. The former maester Qyburn killed him ahead of Cersei’s trial in season 6. However, 30 years before GOT, Glover played the role of Maximilian Veers in The Empire Strikes Back.

Ian McElhinney

He played Ser Barristan Selmy, a knight who served King Aerys II Targaryen, Robert Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, and Daenerys Targaryen. Ian did a cameo in Rogue One, playing a figure in the Rebel Alliance – General Jan Dodonna.

Emilia Clarke

Everyone knows her as the Mother of Dragons – Daenerys Targaryen from GOT. Setting her eyes on the Iron Throne, she lost friends and gained enemies throughout the series, ultimately leading to her death. She also played the childhood interest of Han Solo with relations to Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra, in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Natalia Tena

Tena had a crucial role in the GOT series as she portrayed Osha, who took the responsibility to protect Bran and Rickon Stark. She fled from Winterfell and helped the boys in their journey but got killed by Ramsay Bolton in season 6. Following that, the actress played Xi’an in The Mandalorian, thus becoming a key part of the star wars franchise. Not just that, she also appeared as Nymphadora Tonks in the famous Harry Potter series.

Ian Whyte

This actor starred in multiple roles like White Walkers, Dongo the Giant, Wun Wun, Gregor Clegane, and a giant throughout GOT. Simultaneously, he also worked in The Force Awakens (Crusher Roodown) and The Last Jedi (Bollie Prindel.)

Pedro Pascal

He made a lasting impression on the audience even though he starred in only one season of GOT, playing Prince Oberyn Martell. He was Tyrion Lannister’s champion during a trial and got killed by his opponent. After five years, Pascal appeared as the titular character in The Mandalorian, vowing to protect Baby Yoda.

Emun Elliot

The actor appeared in several episodes of GOT, playing the mesmerizing singer character of Marillion, who had his tongue chopped off for ridiculing the Lannisters. The renowned actor starred as Taslin Brance, a resistance communications officer in The Force Awakens.

Jessica Henwick

Everyone remembers her as Nymeria Sand, a Sand Snakes member and Obara’s sister from GOT season 5. Jessica also starred in The Force Awakens, playing the role of Jessika Pava, a talented pilot of the Resistance.

Miltos Yerolemou

Miltos, the renowned British actor, played Arya’s cheeky sword instructor – Syrio Forel. Yerolemou appeared as a bar patron in the Star Wars addition – The Force Awakens, and viewers can also see an injured Miltos at Maz Kanata’s castle when the First Order begins its assault.

Star Wars and GOT are two franchises that have made a permanent mark on television history. The two series will undoubtedly go down in media history as one of the most popular shows of this era.