Duke Map/Mod of the Month Club

Aleks writes:

An idea to start a “Duke monthly map club” was discussed ironically in the “Duke Nukem is dead” thread and it met with positive response, so I guess it’s time to finally start doing stuff instead of just talking. Since it’s a new month and all, I guess it’s a good time to start with this thing: Duke Map/Mod of the Month Club. Credits to FistMarine for the idea – to better explain what we mean here, I’ll be blatantly ripping basing on the Doom Megawad Club principles, which are listed below:

What’s this thing?
We play through a set of maps/mods during the month, and use this thread to discuss it as we’re still all fresh with our comments/opinions/feelings about the maps.

What’s the purpose?
Basically, there are 4 purposes:

  • Showcasing some of the older mods/maps to wider public – they definitely deserve the attention!
  • Getting more people to actually enjoy and appreciate the user content – because let’s be honest, over the past 25 years this was really what kept Duke alive after all.
  • …and while we’re at it – keeping Duke alive by still enjoying it, as there’s no new games in the franchise on the horizon (and let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be as good as some of this stuff!).
  • Having a more structurized discussion on maps than what’s going in “Last map you played” thread – which is great, but it’s basically a monologue most of the time.

Can I join?
Sure, as long as you find some spare time during the month to play the stuff that’s on the table!

Roch 1
Attached Image: duke0015.png
MSDN review: https://msdn.duke4.net/hotroch.php (Score: 89)
CGS review: http://www.scent-88….R/roch/roch.php (Score: 93)

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