Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

The gaming world offers you a lot of fun and excitement. Whether you want to entertain yourself or relax, there are a ton of games that you can check. Experienced gamers like to explore and find new games to play, but they like to return to the good old classics as well. 

If shooting aliens and saving the Earth was fun, then you must have enjoyed Duke Nukem so much. 90’s kids remember this game as their own personal favorite. Back in the times, you must have installed the game via a floppy disk on your computer. And now it is back, but with a modern version with sophisticated features. 


The comeback of Duke Nukem

Gaming enthusiasts are thrilled because of the great news. The 90’s classic game is back again, available for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. The leaks were enough to confirm the comeback, but the company confirmed that the game will be available in Nintendo starting from June 23. 


When nostalgia strikes, it is the time to play your favorite games. The new version embraces new and modern features meant to improve your gaming experience. You will still get to play the classic game, but everything is a lot better right now. It allows you to play with motion control and HD Rumble. The classic Duke Nukem 3D was released in 1996. But now, it is remastered and back in the gaming world to bring you the thrill. In the game, you play as Duke the shooter. The goal is to protect the Earth from the alien invasion while chewing a bubble everywhere you go. 


Duke was out in space and couldn’t manage to get back before the aliens invaded the Earth. His mission is to shoot any of those nasty creatures that get in his way. There were a total of 5 episodes that provided gamers with quite a unique experience. The mission will take you to different destinations to complete it. You will go through the havoc in Los Angeles, Egypt, and Paris. But also, you will find yourself in places out of reach such as Area 51 and the Moon. 

Enhancing the gaming experience with 20th Anniversary World Tour

The Duke Nukem is an action-style game that brings a lot of drama. The 20th Anniversary World Tour is a remake that adjusts the game to the new and modern devices. All of the great features are kept, while the idea of the game is the same. It is an energetic action movie-like game that you can play with modern devices. If you prefer other types of games where the amusement of victory is more present, you can click here

As technologies develop constantly, new features will find their way into gaming. The goal is to enhance the gamer’s experience with sound and visual effects. Developers made efforts to keep the same sounds. But the audio sounds sharp and better now. You can even hear the original voice of Duke himself. 

The graphics are improved, allowing you to explore the areas and see them in sharp detail. You can notice that there is a balance in light and edges. But, there is one surprise, as the 20th Anniversary World Tour has a unique 5th episode that gamers are ready to discover. It is designed by the original developers of the game to make sure that it fits the whole idea. 

There is something charming about this game, as it contains a lot of 90’s jokes. If you feel like going back to the old days, the game will open you the gateway to the ’90s.