Duke Nukem 3D Codes & Community Maps Roundup

Duke4.net has turned 11-years-old.  We send out a big thanks to all of our loyal fans who continue to visit our website by the thousands each day.  Below are some Duke3D codes that you can redeem here on GOG.






Poontang Episode 1 – Brig it on by Captain Massive Cock

Winterfall by Sanek

SW 20 by Robman

Xega Bit Corporation by ozelot47

Block Ignite by Shawneth

Spacetrap by neoacix

Bad Case of Mondays by Thedutchjelle

Tel Aviv Gloony by DudeAwesome

Lunar Burnout by Shawneth

Shaky Grounds Part 1: Apocallapse by Merlijn

Duke Time to Kill by Fleshlight420

Interdimensional Engine by ToiletDick64

Prison Train by Jolteon

Three Maps by Aaro ‘Arzca’ Ruohonen

That’s all folks!  Rest in peace to our beloved community member, Alex Gorshkov.  He was a Russian mapper, best known for a participation in the RCBP maps. He also made a dozen Dukematch maps back in the late 90s.  One of his first maps, ALEXGDM1 (1998) still stands out. It’s a mall type of map (like E4L3), and it’s a pretty big one (despite the title, it’s also a single-player map). I think that the best way to remember him is to play this map again.  (Thanks Sanek!)