Duke Nukem 3D Download Codes & Community Maps Roundup

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Bloodstone Courtyard by ToiletDuck64 – “A small Doom-style map with a different theme.”

LORCH 3 (re-release) by Sanek – “Much of the map is not changed, but I fixed most of the errors, as well as the ammo/enemy ratio. Also, the original ending (with underground jail) was completely cut, replaced by the hallaway that leads you right to the finish line.”

The Root by CruX – “Duke’s been contracted by the EDF for a reconnaissance job, sending him to a research facility that’s tucked off in a remote corner of a Californian desert. All he’s been told is that the facility is owned and operated by a private organization that was collaborating with the EDF on a top secret project, and a recent communication break down on the organization’s end has left the EDF brass a bit unnerved… ”

Hogwash Overboard Edition (re-release) by Captain Massive – “Now with slightly reduced lag for a better frame rate and a crap-ton more changes and fixes to the original. New music, recons (or flying pigs), and expanded areas. Improved looks, re-balanced combat and most everything now has a function (e.g. hand dryers in the bathrooms give pipe bombs).”

Dawn of the Pork by Jolteon – “ Sometimes when someone mutates into a pigcop by the aliens it may backfire, and as such, may still have their personality.  After Duke Nukem went gambling in Norway and cleared L.A. from the evil aliens, all of the good pigcops were sent to a city called New Pork City, where pigcops lived peacefully without being judged by their appearances. However, the aliens had noticed this, and unleashed a virus all over the city known as the Bacon virus. This virus turns pigcops into bacon eating zombies. A lot of the good pigcops were infected by this virus. The EDF went in and tried to clear out the city, but they failed, as most of the soldiers were killed. So now it’s up to Duke Nukem to clear out New Pork City from the evil aliens and the zombie pigcops.”

LA Terror by DakMax  – “Most of the action happens in the building which evil aliens have infested. The building contains some very important artifacts, and even a library with books from 16th century, and seems like aliens are planning to steal the artifacts and use them for some evil plan. Duke has to stop them.”