Duke Nukem 3D Download Codes & Community Maps Roundup

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Baserape by neoacix – “After 3 years, it’s finally done. This is my tribute to Duke Nukem 3D and its 20th anniversary. Baserape starts as an open world military base assault and gets linear in the second half. You have to fight your way through this base to prevent a nuclear strike from the aliens.”

DoomBOX by Sanek – “It’s small, tiny canyon/outdoor map that heavily relies on use of the jetpack, so watch for the fuel!”

Vile Cistern by ToiletDuck64 – “Another one of my Doom-style maps; this map is basically about maze-mopping… and sewage… and maze-mopping in sewage.”

Der Ist Mars by Mister Sinister – “Duke has crash landed somewhere on Mars and found himself nearby a small alien colony.”

Overspill Area by ToiletDuck64 – “The hardest and most complicated Doom-style map I’ve released up to this point.”

Close Range by Mister Sinister – “A disjointed mess of a space level made in two weeks. The level was built from a blueprint I made sometime in March. It combines bits and pieces of different ideas I had back then, yet the main focus are laser tripbombs.”

Showdown In Suzhou by MetHy – “Brand new Shadow Warrior usermap for everyone’s enjoyment! I know this is the DN3D forum but I hope you guys will make an exception.”