Duke Nukem 3D Community Updates

Duke Nukem 3D Roland Audio

The Roland ED SC-D70 is one of many successors of the popular Roland SC-55. The songs were all recorded using the SC-D70. Other planned music Packs so far are Doom 2, Doom TNT, Heretic, Hexen, Blood, Rise of the Triad, Hocus Pocus & Descent 1.  Download here!



Remember Polymer?  It makes Duke3D look prettier! Here is the trailer to jog your memory.   Well, community member IceColdDuke is now creating a ray tracing renderer for EDuke32.  It’s still in the early stages, but you can read all about it here and here is the GitHub link.


Cosmetic Duke 1.6

The aim of this mod is to enhance DN3D visuals, audio quality, add QoL changes and fix some bugs. Author December Man writes: Mods like Duke Plus or Nuclear Showdown, while great, interfere with mentioned balance in a significant way and HRP style packs (adding high resolution textures etc. to old games) never resonated with me – I always preferred the graphics quality closer to the original. This is the reason I made Cosmetic Duke.  If you’re not too busy with slot games, then the Comestic Duke download links are here!

Here’s a screenshot and a Youtube video: