Duke Nukem Gameboy Color Sountrack for Duke Nukem 3D

Community-Submitted News by Boo/Sugarpoop

This is my soundtrack mod for Duke Nukem 3D, which changes the soundtrack to that of the Gameboy Color. The Gameboy Color version of Duke Nukem only had 21 levels, thus this soundtrack mod only covers the first 21 levels of Duke 3D. In the future I may multiply the tunes among the rest of the levels, since there’re only 8 tunes evenly distributed among the 21 levels anyway.

[Download Link]

Here’s my video of me playing it with RPD Guy’s Brutal Duke mod:

To use the mod. put the “GBC” zip file into the “autoload” folder within your EDuke32 folder. If there’s  no “autoload” folder, then make one. Run eduke32.exe and make sure you check “enable autoload.”