Duke Nukem Tabletop Meltdown (Unofficial)

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Duke Nukem Tabletop Meltdown is a homebrewed roleplaying game where players can unleash their inner action hero, kicking alien ass across the galaxy and beyond. This rulebook has everything in one place that you would need to run a game with a group or even play solo (who needs friends). The rules are simple and easy to pick up and learn, while giving enough details to add plenty of depth and believability without being too math heavy or technical. Perfect for both beginning and advanced Game Masters! Run short mission based sessions, or use the optional traveling rules for longer epic journeys, the choice is yours! Everything from the video game is present, from chewing bubblegum to dishing out spicy one liners to give yourself a slight edge over the alien menace!

What does version 3.0 bring to the table?

– Entire book has had a facelift, more art, new cover, and neater organization
– Rebalanced weapons, aliens, and player stats and abilities
– Creation tables for the default Duke Clones, as well as special characters such as EDF marines, average joes, and modifiers to create the real Duke Nukem. Each character type changes the tone of the game dramatically, from power fantasy to survival horror.
– EDF headquarters and store page has been added, now the Dukes have a place to kick it when they aren’t on the field and resupply. There are loads of interesting NPCs to meet as well!
– Firearm and Close quarters combat (CQC) rules have been modified to make combat easy and streamlined
– Optional rules for combat and long distance travel have been added for extra realism. These include: Bleed and shock damage, exhaustion levels, hunger and hydration, and extreme cold and heat rules
– Added rules for rolling for large unit combat to make a 30 vs 30 fight easy to calculate casualties
– New generation tables for creating your own alien planets, weather patterns, and inhabitants with unique traits and behaviors. Perfect for taking your Dukes on intergalactic adventures!
– Updated character sheets, new personality quirks and status boxes, as well as some structure changes.
– Special rules for splicing alien DNA into a duke clone, very simple and can create pretty wacky scenarios
– Updated spaceship rules, upgrades, and pricing.
– Rebalanced experience points tables
– And much more!

If you have any suggestions or questions please visit the forum discussion thread.