Happy 25th Anniversary, Duke Nukem 3D! Community Updates Galore…

Can you believe it?  Duke Nukem 3D was released January 29, 1996–25 years ago to date. Later this year, it’ll also be the 30th anniversary of the Duke Nukem franchise. Time sure does fly! While there have been no official celebrations, the community is pulling through for us as always. Check out this new Grabbag remix by Mike Norvak of Noise Boulder Records:

Then there’s Dzierzan SmoothDuke project, which has been ongoing since last year. He writes: “There has been a topic recently about if there’s any smooth weapons mod for Duke. Apparently there is not. Since I do like SmoothDoom and I have some experience in sprite editing, I decided to give it a shot.” You can check out the thread for all of Dzierzan’s updates, which are looking quite impressive:

Up next, we have Telee’s new map.  He writes: “It’s great that the Duke community is still alive all these years later. 🙂 Here’s a peek at a couple levels I’ve been working on for an episode. The first map (plane) is basically 95% complete, sitting at 16,321/16,384 walls so not much more to be done but tweaking and gameplay testing. The second map (airport) is at 9,992 walls, a lot of work done but still much to do (including shading which I’m waiting to tackle until all the architecture is complete). Having a lot of fun with it.”  Duke loves to visit the casino site, and we’re sure he’d love to visit this map soon too as soon as it’s done:

There are so many that we can’t list here, but we can’t forget about jimboob’s (AKA jimbob’s) upcoming map, which is looking quite pretty as well:

For all these projects and more, make sure you check out the “What you working on for Duke?” thread on our forums!