How to get a lot of likes on instagram in 2022?

Instagram is a great platform for creating your own brand, business or author’s blog. But from year to year it becomes more and more difficult to collect a lot of red hearts under the photo and get a lot of subscribers. Influencers who managed to enter the site on time are considered to be real lucky and spoils of fate. Back in 2010, they did not have to fight for an audience with competitors, because this in fact did not happen.


Insta just a few years ago became a site where users could earn money. You probably remember that 5 years ago inst was a network for sharing photos with friends and posting posts with selfies and food. If before it was enough to post a photo and get a lot of likes from friends and relatives, now this process has become more complicated.


Are you not satisfied with the number of likes under your posts and do you want to fix it? In this article we have collected some relevant tips on how to get a lot of red hearts.


– High-quality content. The quality of publications is the first thing that should concern you if you want to collect hundreds and thousands of likes. Not only the aesthetic picture is important, but also the text. Propositions should be related to each other, written in an understandable language and without an excess of slang and professional terms. If you lack writing skills, you can contact specialists who will help in this matter. As for the photo, experts disagree, some believe that the visual should be connected to the text, while others are sure that if you do this, you will not be able to achieve the result organically and you will need to buy Instagram likes. But in any case, photos should not stand out from the overall picture of the tape in the profile.


– Experiment with new formats. Instagram has long ceased to position itself as a social network for photos. The developers have added new mechanisms such as Reels, IGTV and Stories. With the help of video, you can achieve success on the platform. The algorithms have changed and are now set up to promote the content of authors who use new formats. Each of the mechanisms is good in its own way, but Reels are especially popular now. This can be said to be an analogue of short videos from TikTok, which conquered the audience a few years ago. The developers realized that such content attracts more active users and created a separate icon for short clips.


-Choose the right time to publish content. This question is quite broad and ambiguous. There is no definite ideal recipe,therefore, the appropriate period of time directly depends on your target audience: gender and age, location, what readers are interested in, and so on. For example, you’re a young fitness trainer, your potential subscribers are young people 18-24 years old, mostly students. It’s logical that in the morning and in the afternoon the audience will not be active, so the optimal time may be the period from 5 to 10 pm, when the audience is resting after school or work. At this time, they are as active as possible and may show interest in your content. If your audience is quite wide and it’s impossible to determine the ideal time interval, experiment and post publications at different times. After that, you can track the activity in the profile statistics and choose the optimal time for viewing.


-Contact specialized services. Another way to get red hearts quickly and efficiently is to cheat. You can go this way if you’re at the beginning of a blogger’s career. Using this hack, you will not see which post users liked more, but you will quickly gain the number of likes, and thanks to this you will create the effect of a solid account. In order for the account not to lose numbers, it’s important to buy real Instagram likes, otherwise there is a chance that the money will be wasted. You should make sure that you’re buying red hearts from real users, and not from dead accounts or bots. This can be done by asking questions to the manager in the chat and studying customer reviews.


The number of likes directly affects the life of your page on the web. The higher the activity on the channel, the more popular you become. But don’t chase the number of publications to try to get as much response from the audience as possible. Focus on the quality of the content and then you will get a lot of cherished red hearts. Good luck!