How To Get Started On Bingo Calls


For those who have experience visiting a bingo hall, they would know that the Bingo Caller is like the main character of a bingo game. The Bingo Caller is the most important part of the game, with duties that extend beyond choosing balls and announcing a list of bingo numbers. Every bingo call must have a certain set of qualities and these responsibilities are more important than one would think. For those who are interested in trying bingo out yourself, here is a short guide to bingo calling.


Bingo Callers

The role of a bingo caller is more vaguely complex than it would appear to be. Although the main demands of their job consists of collecting bingo balls and calling out their digits, the mood and personality of the bingo caller may influence this experience. Not only do players have to keep a lookout for the numbers on their bingo cards, but they also need to be aware of the bingo callers’ tone and confidence when revealing these important numbers.


The power of bingo

It is then obvious that bingo players would often have a love-hate relationship with their respective bingo callers as the issue of trust wavers delicately and easily. As the bingo caller ultimately decides what kind of numbers you may daub and additionally, which bingo cards are daubed out the fastest, players often put a sense of trust in their bingo callers. Although, there are bingo players who stubbornly refuse to trust their bingo callers and even go out of their way to show disrespect. Overall, the bingo caller is still the most powerful figure in a bingo game and if successful, can easily win over the players in a bingo hall. This guide will explain to you how this is done as well as the various responsibilities of a bingo caller.


Not a game, but a lifestyle

Like all skills, the art of bingo calling takes time and hard work to hone. It is not just a game after all, but rather a lifestyle that one subscribes wholeheartedly. Not only does it require some talent and skill, but bingo calling also requires one to be disciplined and dedicated to their craft.


Don’t rush

While a bingo itself may feel fast-paced, bingo calling doesn’t have to follow suit. Not to mention, no one enjoys stumbling over their numbers and daubs, which can cause quite a bit of frustration and even anger for players if the bingo calling is done too quickly. Don’t forget that a bingo is only official once the bingo caller has called the digits out, so do take your time to wait for respective players to finish checking their bingo cards before calling out the bingo. Some tips when gauging the audience is to check how many heads are bent down on their cards or raised waiting for the next bingo call.

The importance of trust

For bingo games that involve a lot of money, the issue of trust becomes a significant factor in a bingo game. Especially for uncanny coincidences, one may start to suspect the bingo caller for certain digits and daubs on their bingo cards. This can stir their unease and put them on edge, which is something that everyone would want to avoid when it comes to a bingo game. One way to avoid the blame on oneself as a bingo caller is to misdirect the coincidences such as shaking your head when a series of consecutive digits flash on the screen. This helps to guide the audience’s attention towards uncontrollable agents such as luck and equipment rather than the bingo caller. Not to mention, showing that you sympathize when them also helps to win over some form of trust.



When visiting a bingo hall, you might find yourself stumbling over certain nicknames that bingo callers use when calling out the digits on the balls. From B1 to represent Kelly’s eyes to saying ‘two fat ladies’ to mean 88 digits, some of these nicknames may appear to be outdated and confusing in today’s modern times. For bingo games that involve a big sum of money, it is recommended that these nicknames are avoided to minimize confusion as much as possible. In addition, these funny-sounding slangs may frustrate the players rather than entertain them as they are most likely feeling on edge already. However, when the mood is right, engaging in these stereotypes can make for a very enjoyable bingo game experience. Bingo callers may be able to raise some laughs and smiles from the audience with witty nicknames at the right time. And for those who have a more adventurous streak, feel free to improvise on these nicknames as well, as long as they are not too vague that the audience does not understand them. One tip is to become knowledgeable on the types of nicknames these digits tend to have, historically and presently as well. While a bingo caller’s job is to call out numbers, no one said that they can’t be entertaining as well.

Audience guidance

If your audience appears to be serious, cracking silly jokes and nicknames may be the wrong calling strategy for you. Always be aware of the people that you are calling to; take note of their overall mood and demeanor, and adjust your bingo calling strategies when required. However, always keep in mind that at the end of the day, the way you do your bingo call is ultimately your preference and no one can tell you what is the right way to call your numbers. Be comfortable and own your position, that way not only will you have a good time, the audience will as well.



There is more than meets the eye when it comes to bingo calling. However, most of these details may just fly by the average person. For those who are bingo callers or interested in bingo calling, we know the importance of noticing and mastering these small details. After all, it is a lifestyle and not just a game.