Ion Maiden for Beginners

Gamers, brace for an entertaining 2019 as a new video game is on its way. Ion Maiden is a Voidpoint-authored first-person shooter video game which promises to be one heck of a game if anything from the game trailers is to go by. This, therefore, means you may have to enjoy your slots online intensively in these last few days of 2018 before you start your Ion Maiden adventure in 2019. Just so you are well prepared for Ion Maiden when it comes, here is all the information you need to know about the game, its gameplay, plot. and development.

What is Ion Maiden?

Ion Maiden is a game set to be released in 2019 by Voidpoint; 3D Realms is publishing the game.  The game is a first person shooter, meaning that players will be involved in the thick of the action. Reports suggest that the game is a prequel to Bombshell. Ion Maiden is set to make its fair share of history as it will become the first game to utilize the Ken Silverman’s Build engine in nearly twenty years. The last game to use Ken Silverman’s Build engine was World War II GI.


The aim of Voidpoint and 3D Realms is to make Ion Maiden a game which caters to the needs of all gamers and as such, they will roll out the game across many platforms. At this point, we know that Ion Maiden will be available on Windows, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.


It’s a tale of the good guys fighting the bad guys: The player will assume the role of Shelly Harrison, a bomb disposal expert who is on the side of the good guys. Shelly works for the Global Defense Force. Intel reaches Global Defense Force that the leader of a transhumanist cult, Dr. Jadus Heskel is planning to unleash an army of cybernetically enhanced soldiers on the city of Neo DC. This is a huge threat to the city and as such, the Global Defense Force as the guardians of the city seek to avert the danger. The Global Defense Force gives Shelly the task of leading the team that will fight against Dr. Heskel. The unfortunate part is that by the time the Intel reaches the Global Defense Force, Dr. Heskel has already unleashed some cybernetically enhanced soldiers onto the streets of Neo DC, thus Shelly also has to face and fight these soldiers.


Ion Maiden is a single player video game. As the game is just making its debut, odds are, in later installments the game developers may incorporate multiplayer function in one way or another to make the game more social, hence more appealing and entertaining.

People behind the Game

The programmers include Richard Gobeille, Evan Ramos, Jonathan Strander and Alex Dawson.  The designers of the game are Vitally Bondarenko, Jarmo Kylmäaho, Leonardo Pellegrini and Max Yiitalo. The artists are Aleksander Kowalczyk, Arturo Pahua and Fox Martins. Game composers are Jarkko Rotsten and Jonathan Hyde.