Junket Tours as an Alternative Type of Gambling

Even though junket tourism began in the 1950s, in the 21st century its popularity started to grow. Casino operators and travel agencies become organizers of gambling tours for residents of many countries around the world, especially for those where gambling is prohibited. Junket tours to Las Vegas casinos are popular among Europeans, but trips to other gambling cities are also organized. The program includes flights, visits to legendary casinos, accommodation, and other offers.


Under the terms of the contract, the amount paid for the tour is exchanged for chips. They must be spent on bets in various gambling institutions. Previously, the term “junket” was used in America, meaning the useless business trips of officials at the expense of budget funds. As for today, not everyone can afford to pay for junket tours, so they continue studying new casino reviews seeking a chance to win enough to visit Las Vegas.

Advantages and Key Features

Junket casino tours give customers a lot of advantages:

  • Transfer to the destination and back (included in the price);
  • Free hotel accommodation with additional services that may be offered to tourists;
  • Good meal and theme parties on-site;
  • Visiting museums, exhibitions, and getting to know the culture of the country, its values, sights (the contract does not imply spending 24 hours in the casino);

It should be taken into account that each client is obliged to spend the deposit specified in the agreement on games in the casino, where he should be present from 2 to 5 hours a day. There are also limits on minimum bets. You will have to fulfill the terms of the contract in full. For gambling and travel fans, this is an option to spend time with benefit and pleasure. The main thing is to carefully read the contract and fulfill its conditions.

The Issue of Privacy

Junket is an opportunity to spend time gambling absolutely confidentially. Many operators offer a VIP tour with complete anonymity. The contract prescribes visiting special halls, the entrance to which is allowed only with an invitation. Among the directions that offer junket tours on the global market, the most popular are the following:

  1. One of the best deals in the world is to visit Macau. Here, gambling houses operate around the clock and provide all services – accommodation in five-star hotels, meals, entertainment programs, etc.
  2. Junkets in European countries are also common, but most often players choose Bulgaria. In winter, it is better to go to Latvia, as Riga gambling houses hold New Year’s lotteries and theme parties. Guests become their participants without additional fees or invitations.
  3. The most expensive and pretentious tours are available in Las Vegas. Clients are offered charter flights, VIP lounges, and other additional services. It all depends on the wealth of the person and his wishes.

Before making an agreement, it is necessary to study all the conditions. The client should not be afraid to ask questions. The general conditions of the contract prescribe how many hours the client will spend in a gambling establishment and how much he will bet. The more expensive the offer, the higher the limits on the minimum bets.