The Return of Kingpin – A Powerplay in the MCU

If there is one thing about Marvel, the characters are written with layers and substantial impact. We are all used to gushing over their heroes, but it is time that we highlight a complex super-villain, Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin.

This formidable character may not possess the super-human qualities his opponents do, but Kingpin has the intellect and unbelievable physical strength to outsmart them. This sly, devious, big-bellied villain is all set to take over the street-level stories of the MCU.

Executed flawlessly by Vincent D’Onofrio, Wilson Fisk debuted in the made-for-Netflix series Daredevil. The role was resurrected for Hawkeye in 2021. Echo is the first Marvel Spotlight Series featuring his third appearance.

This series establishes in some detail: his background and the different functions of his criminal enterprise. Another function that Echo has served is to lay a fertile ground for the iconic Kingpin character as a villain that can potentially evolve as a bigger threat and assimilate into different Marvel storylines.

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Kingpin’s Calculated Comeback

Anyone who has seen Fisk in Daredevil would argue that his character was a lot less menacing in Hawkeye. However, certain elements of the Kingpin story were revealed that set the stage for the next conflict.

This, coupled with the signature blend of his cruelty and charm, paved the way for a very impressive character. We find out that alongside his criminal endeavors, he had been caring for a Native-American orphan, Maya Lopez, whose father was killed.


Weaving the Web

In Echo, it is revealed that he was grooming Maya to take charge of his crime empire. Later, Maya finds out that it was Fisk who gave the green light to Ronin for Maya’s father to be murdered. She denounces him as her caregiver and moves back to Tampa, Oklahoma with her grandmother.

This exposes her to the white-hot rage of the Kingpin. Not a good spot to be in, eh? Well, how did it pan out? That’s something we will find out in the next Daredevil; Born Again. Let’s talk about the post-credit scene in Echo for a second.

Kingpin of crime is on his way to MCU’s newest big bad threat in Spider-Man 4. It sets the stage for a very exciting future in the MCU. In particular, street-level Marvel is something that the fans have been demanding for years now.

Mayor Kingpin has pledged to make NYC safe for the public again. The end of the Echo finale is very much intended to tease an upcoming major conflict for any of the people in NYC with super-human abilities.


The Devil’s Reign

Let’s cut to the chase. This was an intense period in the Marvel Comics. In this, Wilson Fisk has become the mayor of New York City. He has vowed to eliminate the inequality that has plagued the city. His whole narrative is that super-humans are a threat and must be regulated.

They should not be allowed to use their powers as per will. He passed a legislature called The Powers Act. By this act, the usage of superpowers and vigilantism were deemed illegal.


This gave Fisk control over the Thunderbolts so they could lawfully arrest any superheroes found violating this law. With all of this on the horizon, it is pretty evident why Wilson Fisk’s upcoming run for mayor is super appropriate.

The Xenophobia

Recent MCU projects have revealed something of a new order where we are witnessing a wave of fear and xenophobia towards the super-humans. We see trends in Spider-Man, No Way Home, and Miss Marvel.

We will see abuse of power from organizations like Damage Control. They start arresting super-powered individuals, even the youngest ones. Marvel Studios is holding a mirror to our current society. Rounding up those who are different and imprisoning them.

MCU Earth is now an unsafe place. In this air of fear, it is easier to gang up on and incite feelings of fear and hate towards those who are different.


Motivation and Strategy

The question now arises about MCU Kingpin’s prerogative and why would he want to run for mayor and enact the Powers Act in the first place. Of course, populist politicians play on people’s fears and act like their candidacy or leadership is the only solution to abating those fears. This is a classic political maneuver employed to this day.

However, what is the motivation pushing Fisk to round up all the super-beings? We see a very clear arc to that in the finale of Echo. It was when Maya used her genetic abilities to tap into the youthful memories of Wilson Fisk.

Maya stepped into the vulnerable memories where he was a helpless beaten-up child. He witnessed his mother being abused by his father as well. He eventually killed his father in a gruesome manner. Fisk had lived in the trauma of that memory to this day.

This made Fisk very curious as to how this disabled woman he had seen grow up from a vulnerable little girl to a person with unimaginable strength. She was able to fight off his goons in a matter of minutes and incapacitate a man like himself so easily.

Shifting Sands

Previously, the Avengers and a large number of superheroes were consumed with combating world-threatening adversaries. Little did anyone care about street-level crime and the underworld. As it appears, Wilson Fisk is scared. He has used his physical strength to muscle his way to the very top of the New York City underworld.

The rate at which superpowered beings are popping up in the world has increased dramatically over time. Street-level heroes like Spiderman, Clint Barton Ronin, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, etc., are all a threat to Fisk’s empire of crime.

His raw strength is no longer adequate to match those of the superheroes. MCU genetic Evolution continues to take its course and makes new superpowered beings. He’s threatened by the emergence of these new breeds of mutations, making the previously dominant human race inferior.

With Fisk having a lot of political sway and now fire-power allegedly coming in from Sharon Carter. There are theories of him developing a fleet of super-soldiers himself. Kingpin’s return disrupts the existing power structure within the MCU, examining potential alliances and rivalries that may arise.

Wilson Fisk fills a void left by other villains with his unique threat level over civilian lives and potential for large-scale conflicts. He is well on his way to becoming the Thanos of street-level Marvel.

Beyond the Echo – What Lies Ahead?

If we talk about what MCU has in store for this supervillain, we would say that Daredevil; Born Again is a certainty. With the appearance of Matt Murdoch in Echo, MCU has already set the works for the series.

As per the comic series, the character of Kingpin originated in The Amazing Spiderman. With Peter Parker going back to fight street crime, we wouldn’t be surprised if he fit right into the storyline like a glove. So, you can expect to see Kingpin as a bad guy in Spiderman 4.

It was revealed in Hawkeye that Kate Bishop’s mother worked as an extension of Fisk as she was the one who hired Yelena. It is not an absurd thought to see Kingpin featured in Thunderbolts. This could be his gateway from street-level Marvel to espionage-level Marvel.

In the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, Agent Sharon Carter was living in exile in Madripoor. We found out in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that it was she who was the great puppet master of the debacle. Many fans have theorized that Kingpin will be one of the villains the Power Broker, aka Sharon Carter, will supply weaponry to inCaptain America: Brave New World.

Summing Up

We are all observing the trend where street-level crime is going to see a spike in MCU New York. No one but Wilson Fisk has the pull to become the key perpetrator of this spree. Kingpin is on his way to realizing the potential of becoming the Thanos of street-level Marvel and the NYC Underworld.

One thing we can all be certain of is that Kingpin will become quite a challenge for multiple superheroes in the MCU. With his return and this not-so-cryptic post-credit scene, his new plans to take over the city as mayor are also becoming quite evident.

Not only will his villainous prowess intertwine with multiple storylines in the MCU, but he may also become a mega-villain who has worked his way up the underworld and will now do the same for the sociopolitical landscape of the MCU.



Does MCU Kingpin have superpowers?

It is difficult to ascertain if Kingpin has superpowers. He has a sharp cunning brain, prowess in Sumo and Mixed Martial Arts, and has advanced human strength. He is resistant to blunt attacks. However, he has not displayed any characteristics that indicate possession of super-human powers.

Is Kingpin fat?

Kingpin looks like a fat dumpy fellow, which is why, there is a lot of misconception about his strength. However, something a lot of people don’t know is that all of his excess body mass is not fat; it is muscle.

How is Kingpin bulletproof?

All of Kingpin’s wardrobe is designed by Potter. Even down to his jaunty Hawaiian shirt, everything he wears is designed to withstand the impact of bullets and sharp pointy objects.

Why didn’t the Punisher kill the Kingpin?

The punisher begrudgingly spared Kingpin because his death would create a power vacuum and resultant struggle for domination by other villains. This havoc will result in a lot of civilian casualties.