PC Gamer’s HRP Highlight

Duke4.net has been featured on a PC Gamer article which highlights how to run Duke Nukem 3D on Windows 7/8. Thanks for the heads up, Brad!

To run Duke at up to 1920×1400, first download and install the game from Steam or GOG. Then head to Duke4.net to download the high resolution texture pack. You want the full version, which weighs in at 870 MB as of version 5.3. This high-res texture pack is built on top of an open source port of Duke 3D called EDuke32. Once you’ve downloaded the texture pack, extract it into a new folder.

Mods? Oh yes, there are mods. ModDB is chock full of them, and there’s a giant repository of maps at Duke4.net. For a listing of maps with more details, there’s also Scent 88. Go to town.

Read the full article here!