Most Popular PlayStation Exclusive Action Games

Sony started dipping its toes in the gaming world in the 1990s after Phillips hired them to develop a new console. However, the deal fell through. This misadventure led them to create the first PlayStation, which coincidentally was a tremendous success. They then printed the PlayStation brand into the minds of millions with the repeated success of their subsequent consoles.


PlayStation is now the most popular console along with the Xbox, and it’s primarily thanks to an incredible catalogue of exclusive titles, including many action titles for adults. Today, we offer you a retrospective on their best action exclusive titles.


God of War

Developed by Santa Monica Studios, the first God of War came out in 2005 and encountered success, with 4.6 million copies sold worldwide. The series continues to this day, and the latest entry, God of War Ragnarök, is currently making a lot of noise.


The success of the game is due to its cinematic presentation, brutal execution animation, and it popularized the quick time event (QTE) system. Furthermore, the visual style sets God of War apart with its reimagining of Greek mythology. Beating up legendary creatures and Gods is so fun that they’re now exploring the Nordic mythology.


The Last of Us Part 1

Coming out of the success of Uncharted, Naughty Dog released The Last of Us in 2013, and the game has been sold over 17 million times since this release date.


The Last of Us lets you play as Joel, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world decimated by an epidemic, turning people into “mushroom infected”. The storytelling is gritty, and the game depicts realistic characters going on a strong emotional journey. The duo formed by Joel and Elie, the young woman that Joel is supposed to smuggle, is touching and we end up really caring for these characters.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a 2015 interactive horror game developed by Supermassive Games. This game sold over 1.90 million copies, surpassing the expectations of Sony at the time. It features a cast of typical slasher film teenagers trapped in a cabin in the woods.


However, what made this game so enticing was the control you had over the story. You could finish the game with everyone dying, or you could save everyone by making the right decisions. In addition to the branching paths of dialogues and actions, the game measured the relationship between each playable character to adapt the situations to you.


Days Gone

Days Gone was released in 2019 and was developed by the small team of Bend Studio. It sold over 8 million copies, which is impressive given the tumultuous development cycle it went through. After a jaw-dropping trailer at E3 2016, the game disappeared for years, got pushed back and almost cancelled.


In Days Gone, you play as Deacon, a biker surviving in a zombie apocalypse. Your bike is an essential component of the game, as you have to repair it and find petrol to keep going. What made Days Gone unforgettable is the game’s technical features, with hundreds of zombies pursuing the player in tense moment-to-moment gameplay.



The PlayStation gave us many great action titles over the years; we could also have mentioned Uncharted, for instance. When we’re looking for a fun, action-packed experience, outside PC games or even casino games like Online Slots Canada, it’s Sony’s exclusive action games that get our blood pumping and adrenaline rushing.