Roulette online – features and rules of a popular game

Online roulette is one of the most popular games among gamblers. Nowadays, you won’t find a single online casino without it. Software developers take into account the popularity of this game. Therefore, you can see new variations of online roulette which are absent in land-based gambling clubs.

Features of the virtual roulette

The point of this game is to guess the number which will fall on the wheel. A ball hits a spinning wheel with numbers ranging from 1 to 36. After a few rotations, it stops at one of the sectors. If the user guesses the number, his bet is automatically increased 35 times. It is important to note that you can bet not only on single numbers but also on color (red or black), as well as on:

  • row;
  • column;
  • dozens.

Online Roulette Varieties

Usually there several types of virtual roulette at casino sites. For example, you can play more than 50+ different variations of roulette at Casinonic casino. However, most other casino sites have only three main forms of roulette:

  • European: classic type with one zero;
  • American: in comparison with European, it has two zero sectors (more profitable for a casino than for a player);
  • Same as European but with one significant difference: if the ball hits the zero cell, the player receives half of the bet back.

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So, the most profitable type of roulette for players is pretty obvious. It’s French roulette.

Roulette bet types

Many users who have not dealt with online gambling games believe that it’s pretty easy to play roulette, however, that’s not true. You need to learn all the bets and their nuances as well as try various roulette strategies to expand your likelihoods of winning.

We already said about the classic roulette bets above, in addition to them, there are other types of bets as well:

  • a bet on two numbers: the chips are lined up, which is separated by two numbers on the playing field. If you win, the bet will be increased 17 times;
  • Corner bet: A bet on 4 numbers, also called four of a kind. In this case, the chips are placed at the intersection of the lines inside the square, which consists of 4 numbers.
  • The simplest bet, which is popular with beginners, is the black or red bet. The chance of winning, in this case, is 50-50 (if we exclude the possibility of the ball hitting the zero areas).

The best roulette gambling games

  1. American Roulette by NetEnt. This is a virtual version of American Roulette. The playing field in this case consists of 38 cells and a wheel. The rating of this game is quite high among players, experienced gamblers leave decent reviews about it.
  2. European Roulette by Evoplay. In this variation of roulette, everything is decorated in a casino-style: a gambling table, a camera from the user’s perspective, and an animated roulette wheel. The bet can be made from 1 to 100 credits on different areas of the playing field.
  3. Neon Roulette by Fugaso. By choosing this roulette game, the user can place bets on hundreds of combinations. In the Neon Roulette by Fugaso, you can bet on the Lucky Number (new bet type) or place classic bets as well. Playing this type of roulette can give you not only positive emotions but also a decent cash prize.

Final Verdict

For novice players of the virtual roulette, it may seem like a somewhat complicated game. However, if you start with basic bets and won’t strive to master everything at once, you will be able to achieve impressive results in this virtual game in the shortest time.