Soaring the skies with Spribe’s Aviator

Online casinos have a lot of interesting games but not all of them are live dealer or slots. Rather, there are those that are played differently yet still provide you with great chances of winning. Among these games is Aviator, an innovative game title from Spribe.


Aviator has grown massively among players who are interested in fast gameplays and multipliers that will give you better chances to win. It is also preferred by those who are interested in being a part of the aviation industry.


If you haven’t tried playing the game before, here are a few things to know more about it:

What is the game all about?

Aviator is a popular multiplayer social game where you have to rely on your luck to win some exciting prizes. With no reels and paylines, all you have to do is to match the game’s pace and time your clicks.

How to play the game

Spribe’s Aviator features a plane radar and a plane that’s just about to take off. After placing your bets, the game starts. This is signified by the flying of the plane where it continues to fly. The higher the altitude the plane reaches, the higher the multiplier gets. As the plane is about to go off radar, you should learn to cash out your money as fast as you can.


There are several times when the plane stays on the radar for quite some time. This gives you more chances to cash out some impressive prizes. However, you have to pay close attention to it as missing the chance to cash out means that you lose.

Helpful tips to win the game

What you’ll love most about this game is its fast and easy gameplay. Though it may be purely based on luck, there are ways on how you can win better in this game of chance. Here are some of them:


  • Place two bets

Your winning chances can be increased by placing two bets. You can also double your payouts by doing so. The advantage of doing this is that you’ll have a chance to get a profit twice. Losing won’t also be that hard to accept when you at least had a chance to cash out on the first attempt.


  • Activate the automatic play functions

You may also want to use the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout features that might help you win more. The former automatically restarts the game with the same amount of wager you’ve placed prior.


The latter allows you to specify a specific multiplier. When that coefficient is reached, the game the desired multiplier. The game will automatically cash out on your behalf. This prevents you from the hassle of waiting for a specific multiplier in every round.


  • Cash out as soon as you can

Although you’ll never know when the plane will vanish from radar, it is preferable if you can hit the cashout button just in time. Rather than depending on the automatic modes, you may manually cash out on a large multiplier. Although the risk is always there, it might be worth trying.

What makes it popular

There are several reasons that made the game a popular choice for players who are looking for a great game to play. Here are some of those:


  • Easy gameplay

To play this, you have to click the wager and cash out buttons as quickly and as precisely as possible. Unlike other online casino games, Aviator has no complicated rules to follow. All you need to win is speed and proper timing.


  • Increasing multipliers

Given the fact that the multipliers increase as the plane flies higher, you’ll have bigger chances to win in every round. Any win generates a great profit since your wagered amount gets multiplied.


  • Big prizes

By allowing you to place two bets, you get a decent chance to win bigger prizes since you get two cash out attempts.


These are just some facts that you would have to learn about Aviator and what makes it an interesting online casino game you should try. Playing this will surely give you a great time as you put your timing skills to the test.


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