What is worth watching or what to play for fans of the popular series Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a game that has become a cult favorite, but in the narrow circles of console owners in the early 2000s, PC releases came much later and the childhood of many young gamers passed without the fantasy world at all.


Everything began to change after the release of MMO RPG and PC versions, which are still relevant today.


The release of the online version of Final Fantasy 14, which was planned as a competitor to World of Warcraft and attracting new gamers to the whole story, which stretches back to the 2000s.


Now players not only buy ffxiv gil, but are also interested in other sources that will help them learn more about the existing universe, and the first thing worth watching is films.

Final Fantasy 2001


Humanity is on the verge of an invasion from alien creatures, and everything is complicated due to the fact that all the attacking monsters are invisible.


Dr. Aki Ross, who must study the invasion to understand how to counter it, is interested not only in defeating the invaders, but also in her own healing from the alien particles.


While Dr. Aki is trying to find a peaceful solution with the support of the military and Gray Edwards, another general, Hein, is developing his plan to destroy the enemies and is ready to put all of humanity on the line and resolve the issue in the most brutal way.

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII


This is a prequel to the main plot of Final Fantasy. You will learn the story of Tifa and Cloud and all the events that occur after the destruction of the city of Nibelheim.


Military and local officials go to the reactor outside the city to inspect it. Among all the participants in the away mission, the viewer recognizes Cloud, who grew up in Nibelheim and now wants to become part of the soldier corps. Because of a dream that has not yet come true, he even avoids showing himself to Tifa, a friend to whom he vowed to become part of the army, but still has not done so.


While studying the reactor, the group comes across several capsules with unknown creatures inside, it is assumed that these are former people who have changed their appearance either due to the influence of the Mako reactor or as a result of experiments.


What caught everyone’s attention the most was a particularly large capsule with Jenova written on it and the female object it contained.


Sephiroth, who leads the group, was surprised that the creature had the same name as his mother. Moreover, he himself may have been born through creation from a test tube. This thought haunts him, and he goes to the mansion of Shin-Ra researchers.


In the basement, he will find notes that will confirm his theory that he himself was created artificially and is the son of Jenoma, who is actually Cetra.


The fact is that Cetra suffered from disasters 2000 years ago, but instead of helping, humanity turned away from them, which led the planet to collapse.


From the received data, Sephiroth became enraged and burned the city of Nibelheim to the ground.


The resulting fire killed almost all civilians, including Cloud’s mother.


Tifa, her father and several survivors pursued the distraught officer all the way to the Mako reactor and the capsule, but Tifa’s father was killed and Tifa herself almost lost her life in a sword fight against Sephiroth, whom she was trying to get out of the capsule.


Next, Zack, one of the military men participating in the study of the reactor, burst into the fray and attacked Sephiroth, but was repulsed and only Cloud, who took a combat sword and caught the rebel officer by surprise, managed to inflict fatal damage on him in the stomach, preventing him from taking Jenova.


The survivors rescued Tifa and handed her over to Master Zangan.


ShinRa scientists will use all survivors of the incident for experiments to create clones of Sephiroth. Only 5 years later will Zack and Cloud be able to escape, but during the pursuit, Zack was killed, and Cloud was poisoned and left to die.


Fainaru fantajî sebun adobento chirudoren


The film will tell about the events 2 years after the release of Final Fantasy 7.


Suddenly, the Seikon-Shokogun virus begins to spread across the planet, and the first studies showed that the result was a struggle between organisms and foreign materials that got into it two years ago.


The plot will once again focus on Cloud and Tifa.


Cloud has retired from military affairs and works as a courier, and Tifa runs a shelter to treat people sick with a new virus.


Suddenly, Cloud receives a message from Rufus, who asks for help and protection from a man named Kadaj.


Kadaj, in turn, is looking for Cloud, since according to the new antagonist, it is Cloud who knows where his mother is.


In parallel with the events described above, Vincent Valentine collects information about Kadaj.


Cloud, Tifa and the others will have to join forces again to cope with new and old antagonists.


Conclusions on films and games Final Fantasy


Squire Enix launched a really interesting series of projects about the distant future, with fantasy elements and fighting games against aliens and foreign forces.


Essentially, the content was divided into parts, where single-player games move the plot forward, MMO RPG allows players to study the universe in more detail, buy ff14 gil and even find out the fate of long-time heroes who were back in the 90s, when the project was actively released only on consoles.


Players, in parallel with the passage, learned the future fate of the series of games and could join the factions that they could see in single player.


This includes the fleet, or the army, as well as the rebels of the region – where each has their own loyalty, tasks and rewards for the player.


The films were essentially made to fill in the gaps between episodes and provide players and fans with comprehensive information about key events.


Often these are events that provoke the appearance of game locations with an explanation of situations, morality and the subsequent outcome of events, such as the fall of the city in which Cloud grew up.


You will see new antagonists, or learn the history of old enemies.


Often in such films there is an interweaving of antagonists, so that the viewer and then the player would be interested in seeing well-known characters in new roles, including moral choices.


By the way, all the key episodes are not limited to films and games – there is also anime.


Japanese animation is ideally suited to the dark and dynamic setting that was invented and implemented by Squire Enix.


In essence, this is an adapted format of the usual console and PC versions of Final Fantasy.