Why Is The Casino Industry A Fan Of Video Games?

The gaming industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors out there. From a simple and small 4-bit game of ping pong, to virtual reality and hyper-realistic visuals – in less than 50 years! This speed of technological growth is unprecedented in human history, even with the industrial revolution.


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Following very closely in the gaming industry’s trajectory like a married couple made for each other, is the online gambling industry. Gambling fans are all around the world, even in Japan. 10BetCasino is one such online casino designed for Japanese players in mind, and a review of the site can be checked out here. Not only has the online casino always been an adoring fan of the video game industry, they are also trying their best to integrate with each other, as they have similar traits to one another. Casinos have gamified their traditional offerings, breathing life into the old slot machines and roulette tables, giving them an innovative new look and level of approachability for today’s gamblers.


Not only do many casino games feel more inviting and innovative, they have made it more interactive by giving it twists, turns and even role-playing elements. This gives digital gambling products much more depth than physical casinos ever could. But this is barely even scratching the surface. Here are some real big reasons why the casino industry is such a huge fan of video games.


More interactive and immersive


Gone are the days of the old casino games. Now they have been improved to be more interactive and immersive, highly enhancing a player’s experience. Not only are they vastly different from their predecessors and previous editions, the complete overhaul of cosmetics and aesthetics contributes to a huge difference in how exciting and immersive it feels.


From improved visuals, to freebies such as bonus levels that not only lets you bet and win, but rewards you with an immersive Tolkien-style storyline is truly a grand innovation to these old casino games. Aside from that, the sounds also feature songs and music that are proven to pump you up and get you ready for the big win.


With all of these new factors in play, many players feel like they are interacting with a living breathing world rather than just simply pulling a level and waiting for a reel.


Examples of gamification

There are a ton of various aspects of video games that the casino industry has employed. For example, the new points system in many modern online casino games gives players a chance to track their high scores and also hit new milestones which provide them with a higher incentive to play further.


Leveling systems implemented within an online casino game that is tiered through multiple missions also gives players a highly engaging experience that would not be possible through the traditional means. Furthermore, players are awarded with badges to show off to the world, and it is psychologically proven that the ability to show off achievements is extremely pleasing and is motivation for the player to gamble even more.


Best of all, players are also available to create their own customizable avatars so the world knows exactly who the players are and what they have achieved. This effect on each player gives them a true sense of meaning to each gambling game played by providing them with a sense of community, competition, collaboration and most importantly, visible and quantifiable progress.


A reason to play


With all these new elements to the board (no pun intended), there are multiple reasons even a non-gambler would be highly intrigued in giving online casino games a try. These new elements give players great reasons to play, aside from the thrill of gambling and the thoughts of winning big. Reasons such as to merely amuse themselves, or to prove their worth through a sense of achievement. For some, it might even be a new adventure waiting to be explored.


Since these are mostly socially linked rewards, some experts might even argue that it provides an even more lucrative incentive than just monetary means. Many people think that the perception of the general public is much more important than monetary rewards. Although, through these new online casino games, players can have their cake and eat it too.


In a nutshell, online casino games are widely different from their physical counterparts due to gamification. Players are not just focused on the concept of gambling, winning or losing, but they are truly immersed in the whole thing as if it is a living breathing entity. The introduction of storylines, missions, accomplishments and community truly does give online casinos an edge over all other competitors.